I’m a lucky girl…

…because I got another night out with MM last night!!  That’s two nights out this month already, and a couple of lunches – I should plan solo trips abroad more often!  I leave for Blighty in just over a week and to say I am excited is an understatement.  I’ve already started laying out my clothes in the bedroom to try and plan my capsule travel wardrobe.  Never fun – there’s always more I want to take.  I wish I was a good packer.  The UK weather also complicates matters as I need layers and I want to take suede boots – but that’s just madness for Bury in February no?  How do you pack?  Do you have it down to a fine art?  Tips please!  You’d think I’d be a pro by now but not so.

Yesterday I was begging for more warm weather – the sun shone but I think I was overly ambitious in my J.Crew shirt (some colors, including this neon rose, are in the sale) – it was still pretty chilly.  The scarf is an old H&M one and the jeans are Gap.  The flats are the VInce Camuto Fawna that I got in the sale.  I had to return the pink ones as the glitter came off after one wear – let’s hope these last a tad longer.



So last night we headed to our favorite bar that overlooks the downtown skyline.  I ate oysters and drank prosecco – it was lovely.  I wore my Hudson Leeloo jeans that I got on sale at Zappos.com.  I LOVE them – so stretchy and comfy – the ‘bone’ color is perfect – not too white if you know what I mean – cream in fact!  The blouse is Zara as is the jacket, and the boots are the Nine West Buster that I got on sale. The clutch is and YSL Belle de Jour, a present from MM for our anniversary a couple of years ago:)  Oh and my nail polish is Chanel black satin – gorgeous color but doesn’t wear well, regardless of a great base coat and top coat.


Okay back to the packing while the kids are at the park – wish me luck!


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4 thoughts on “I’m a lucky girl…

  1. Jody Brettkelly

    Both outfits are fabulous, the peachy orange shirt is gorgeous on you as is that cream and white and black outfit – so cool. I leave packing till the half hour before we leave, even my littlest nags me the night before. And I never have complete and satisfying outfits


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