A man’s best friend.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but MM and I are currently watching the entire collection of The West Wing.  I bought it for him a couple of years ago and it’s only now we’ve had the courage to start watching it all again.  I am flabbergasted how so many issues that Aaron Sorkin wrote about are still relevant today.  We watched an episode on gun control last night and I had to keep reminding myself that The West Wing is fictional – it was uncanny.

I’m about to head out for a tacos and margarita lunch with MM.  I can’t wait.  While I do wait though, we just had a power cut here – it must be all the rain making trees keel over in the soft ground. So the dogs and I passed the time with a little photo shoot.  Tennyson couldn’t resist getting in the action – he’s a bit of a diva, Rosie stayed out of it – she’s not too proud to admit her heydays are over – so she directed off camera.

I’m layered up today as it is cold but keeps threatening to warm up – I’m ready for it – come on sunshine stop hiding away!  I’m wearing one of my first ever AllSaints jumpers – so old I can’t remember the name – over a Forever 21 color block long sleeve t-shirt.  The jeans are H&M coated jeggings and the boots are the AllSaints Bonny Cuban.  Oh and the scarf is H&M from last year – I love the lips.  I think lips are almost better than hearts for Valentine’s Day – so I might drag it out on the 14th again – though I do still despise Valentine’s Day!


Wait for me!!


Come on pat my head!


Aaaaah thank you:)


We’re looking good!



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7 thoughts on “A man’s best friend.

  1. avenue57

    Love the dog in the shot – you need to style him a bit better though!
    I love the grey and berry – I saw this colour mix on you first and have copied it many times since!


  2. Suzanne

    what a cute dog Tennyson is! Sorry i am a big dog lover and so he gets the first mention!! I great with Fiona those colours look so good together. Enjoy your lunch and have a great weekend….i am so ready to see the sun again!!

  3. Iona

    Love the photo shoot!!!I cant believe it-I had the same scarf and boots on the other day,although not with such fabulous trousers and jumper!!!Loving the blog here in Wales,UK!!
    Hope your weather(and ours!)gets better soon!!xx

  4. evi

    I also have the h&m coated jeggings, in black, they’re fabulous and even quite comfy… love the photos with the dog!


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