Office move.

So today is hectic – we’re moving offices.  I had no idea what a hoarder I am but I’ve just been through my desk and found proposals and presentations from years ago…it feels so good to get rid of it all!  Purging my desk is as therapeutic as purging my closet.  It’s pretty exciting to be moving – another indication that Halcyon Media is on the up and up – a new magazine and a new office all in the same month!  With more sales staff and interns it’s going to be fun to have more space for us all…I’m so proud of MM – I have to keep reminding myself that he and his partners built this business from scratch – I’m so used to it now that I forget the stress and risk involved 7 years ago when he went solo.  It makes me laugh how care free we were back then – he quit his corporate job to start Halcyon the week before Poppy was born – nothing like jumping in with both feet hey?!

I watched the news intently last night as Isaac is on his way.  Sadly it looks like New Orleans is right in his path – and Isaac looks set to hit land on Wednesday 7 years to the day since Katrina hit – can you believe it?  Shit luck for New Orleans – I hope Isaac steers closer to the the Florida coast even if it means Atlanta will get a good dousing, anything to spare New Orleans again.

As I remembered it’s a Bank Holiday today in the UK, it gave me another opportunity to look back over the years.  Between ’95 and ’97 MM and I were partying hard in the streets of Notting Hill.  Fabulous times even though we didn’t have a penny to our name.  We lived in a run down flat on Ledbury Road but critically it had a balcony and we could spend many hours watching the party in the streets and dipping our toe in when we felt like it.  It’s crazy to think how many people we crammed into that one bedroom flat!

Hard to believe it’s Labor Day 2012 next week!  We’re not heading anywhere but I’ll be at the pool again for sure all weekend assuming Isaac has moved on by then!  Today I’m making the most of the sunshine today before the rain arrives and I’m wearing my gorgeous fennel Boden Florence tunic – it was a great sale bargain at $26.40 and I love the color – there are still plenty left too.  I’m wearing it with an H&M scarf and my Tory Burch Emmy sandals.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for NOLA.


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7 thoughts on “Office move.

  1. School Gate Style

    It’s lovely Joanna – great colour! It’s only £17 in the UK but just a few of the truffle left in small sizes :(. I did order a little clearance bargain last week though so hoping it arrives tomorrow.
    Good luck with your office move…lots going on for you…enjoy the buzz! Avril x

  2. Jen

    Do you have any fabulous coupons for Boden right now? I am stocking my cart for my 2 girls and hoping you might be aware of a great one!

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