Solo parenting.

I know I often sing the praises of My Fabulous Man but here goes again.  He really is one of the best parents around.  As he was moving the office last night it meant an afternoon and evening of solo parenting for me…Now the children are great and mostly well behaved but it is tiring parenting alone!  For those of you who are single parents you all deserve a medal as far as I am concerned.  From homework, to dinner, to entertaining, to bath time, to bed time – (even reading with my stubborn 6yr old can be quite exhausting when we have to restart every paragraph to get it error free, she’s such a perfectionist) – I missed MM’s calming influence and jolly banter.  I was thrilled to see him this morning, as I was fast asleep when he arrived home around midnight last night.  Even after a late night he was busy making Poppy’s lunch this morning – I do love him and appreciate him, probably more than he knows.

So we’re in the temporary new space today until our permanent new office is ready in about 2 weeks – they’re busy painting and building out the floor plan for us.  It all feels very grown up – 9th floor with a view of Atlanta and floor to ceiling windows…how did I get here?  Fortunately we have internet today – unexpected as it’s normally the first thing not to work in a move – so I have already ‘christened’ my new desk with a bit of online shopping.  I have bought the All Saints Dita tee dress in black/chalk.  It looks divine and there are knitted versions of this cut too that I have my eye on for the colder weather.  It looks perfect to be worn as a dress or with skinnies as a tunic – a black leather jacket over it will look fab.

Today I am wearing my tropical Zara pants again – not sure if the protocol is the same for these as with seersucker and white – they may have to be stored after Labor Day this weekend.  I paired them with my H&M coral linen jumper and black Nine West ankle boots from a few years ago.  As you can see I had a ‘prop’ this morning – my gorgeous boy:)


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5 thoughts on “Solo parenting.

  1. Martina Walsh

    My husband has to work away from home mon-fri, (for the last 2 yrs). He leaves 7am mon morn & is back 8pm on fri night, I have 3 kids aged 8, 7 & 4. Hard hard work!!! So I’m not just envious of your fabulous wardrobe 😉 love your blog

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Martina – I used to be a consultant and wondered how all my colleagues managed to have families – the answer – very understanding spouses! I know from experience that it is tough being away from home too Monday – Friday – I used to hate it and that was when I didn’t even have kids! I hope you get spoiled at the weekend when he is home:) I’m glad you enjoy reading my witterings:) x

  2. Diane

    Jo, love your outfit as usual, loving the funkier styles you seem to be preferring at the moment. I think we must be on the same wavelength as I have ordered the knitted version of the dita dress, my Zara coat arrived, same as yours but without the leather sleeves and I love it, can’t wait to wear it, I have my eye on some zar studded slippers now. Hope with the office move now finished you can relax for a bit.

    Take care


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Diane! I am loving the Dita dress in all colors and fabrics – I love the grey merino one – that is next on my list I think:) It’s funny I’ve always thought my closet was a broad spectrum of different styles and you’re right I seem to be finding my groove in a different zone right now…I love experimenting! Great to hear from you:)

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