Make the most of your assets!

Now there may be many who say, with 2 days to go before you turn 41, loud prints could be verging on the mutton dressed as lamb look.  But not me.  This summer I have fallen for loud prints, especially trousers with loud prints, in a big way.  It comes from acceptance.  Acceptance that I will never have a 21″ waist thanks to 2 children and my love of wine, but also acceptance that my legs are pretty darn good from running.  It’s very un-British to want to show off (and I don’t mean bragging), or to even say you think you look great, but maybe some of the American confidence is rubbing off on me.

My pants today are not for wall flowers that’s for sure!  I have seen them on bloggers all summer and admired how fabulous they look with their youthfulness and tiny statures.  Then while browsing the Zara website the other day I saw the last pair on sale for $20 and snapped them up knowing full well they’d probably be returned to the store.  Well last night they arrived and they are fabulous!  It was utterly joyous this morning putting them on after a good run – I couldn’t stop grinning.  I felt full of mischief this morning sitting in my car knowing people had no idea what I had on my legs!

Here they are in all their glory – the Zara tropical print pants:

I am wearing them with a white Express t-shirt, black Zara jersey blazer and my nectarine Tory Burch Revas which coordinate perfectly!

I know some of you will loathe them, but I hope others will be inspired to show off your best features and accept that we can step out of our comfort zone regardless of age!

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8 thoughts on “Make the most of your assets!

  1. annewoodman

    I love them! They look great on you. And as someone who turns 40 next week, I completely understand the ageism thing. These aren’t exactly along the lines of micro-minis or crop tops! So cute. Would you wear them to work?

  2. Jenny Fraser-Nash

    I love them on you. You are right about the USA confidence. I live in Dorset and have never seen anyone over the age of 25 wearing anything like this. There is that ‘who does she think she is’ mentality. I am 44 and am very tempted now to join you in the printed jeans club. Jenny

  3. Sharon

    They are the kind of pants I would wonder “who in the heck wears them” if I saw them in a store, but got to admit you are pulling those off big time!!! Maybe it’s the blazer, maybe it’s the shoes, but altogether they look fab! From one 40 yr old to another!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Sharon! I’ve had lots of looks of one kind or another today but several complements too! I think you’ve just got to be brave and wear them with confidence:) x

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