Starting to panic about packing!

In less than 3 weeks I’ll be heading to the UK for what has now become my annual meet up with my blogging friends.  To make the most of the CHILD FREE trip across the Atlantic I’ll be staying with my Mum and Dad for a few days too, and hanging out with my brother and sister.  To say I am excited is an understatement. (Caveat for when reading in years to come :  Poppy and Hugh I will miss you LOTS but Mommy just needs some girl time sometimes! xx).

I have of course already started to panic about packing.  An extensive wardrobe really only makes things more challenging.  I have – don’t laugh – started a spreadsheet that itemizes bottoms, tops, sweaters, shoes and accessories.  It is quite a long spreadsheet and needs some – shall we say – fine tuning?

The advantage of making a spreadsheet is that it can identify gaps in your travel wardrobe.  Now as you all know far too well there are few ‘gaps’ in my closet, but one is a practical, warm, trendy coat.  I have lots of wool coats but they are quite heavy for wearing when walking around London, plus they are harder to roll up and pack , and also less comfortable for layering.  Just play along with me please…

Given my above reasoning I realized that what I really ‘need’ is a parka.  Not a wax, storm proof parka, but a lighter weight, lined parka that will be cosy, plus has room to layer over a leather or denim jacket.  I narrowed my choices down to the following:

The Asos Cocoon Parka:

Cocoon parka

The Asos parka with detachable lining:

Asos Parka

It was a tough decision – there are pros and cons to each.  The idea of a detachable lining makes the second a great option, as does the ability to cinch the waist, whereas the cocoon version has less going on.  I polled my fellow bloggers and they were no bloody help as opinions were equally divided.  In the end I closed my eyes and picked one, and now the cocoon parka is on it’s way to me!  I hope it will work well to layer over my AllSaints leather jacket.

Today I am back to black again, with a touch of leopard and red:

AllSaints jacket

Sneakers – red converse // Jeans – Zara coated skinnies // Shirt – Men’s Gap white shirt // Sweater – Uniqlo cashmere men’s crew neck // Jacket – AllSaints Monument jacket // Hat – J.Crew (old – similar here)

Friday was red and black too for a trip to the mall:

red leather jacket and GGs


Sneakers – Golden Goose sparkle slides (similar here) // Leggings – H&M // Dress – ASOS swing dress // Jacket – Zara (old – similar here) // Scarf – H&M (similar here)

Finally yesterday with a glimmer of sun I bared the legs – albeit just the knees:

Asos dress


Boots – Stuart Weitzman Nude nubuck 5050s // Dress – ASOS

I’ve been pinning some packing tips but if you have any suggestions or tips please share – after all these years I am still crap at selecting a capsule wardrobe for traveling.  I’m always terrified of leaving something behind that I end up really wanting to wear.  OK, ‘terrified’ may be stretching it…

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22 thoughts on “Starting to panic about packing!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I bet we all have different methods on our sheets too – I was actually thinking about doing some kind of decision tree where you can see what can be worn with what:) #nerd

  1. The Flaky Fashionista

    Sharing your pain … I’m only going for 2 nights and am already panicking about what to wear and how much I can squeeze into my little carry on bag. Loving your justification for a new parka … WHAT are you like?!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Just wear it all Helen – you can layer and layer – might be a bit warm but a great way of getting more stuff there:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I was going to lay it all out too like Tiffany Wendel does with her packing shots:) She makes it look so simple!

  2. mymidlifefashion

    Yeah a fellow spreadsheet packer…it has to be done as it’s sooo easy to forget the little things, although of course that has the advantage of more shopping 😉 Judging by the weather at the moment that parka is going to be getting a LOT of use!!! Jane xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You are brilliant at packing Jane – at least you were last summer – I was so envious of how many outfits you got from so few clothes! I need your help!

  3. avenue57

    you know what I do? Spreadsheet for the essentials – travel plug, charger etc – and for me and clothes I clear the spare bed and lay out my outfit and may have been known to take a few photos to remind me! Seriously it works and TOTALLY means you can mix and match easily and travel light (er)

    I am so super excited to see you again – March 1st cannot come round fast enough!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I CANNOT WAIT!! So excited now – I wish we were there longer! I know it will fly by when we all start gabbing:) Thinking about the photo option too – sounds quite time consuming though – might be easier to bung it in the bag and cross my fingers:)

  4. GlamRosie

    I wanna see your spreadsheet!!! Share!! I absolutely HATE packing, it’s one of my worst things to do. I’m a ‘just in case’ kinda person and like to have choice on the day, not a good packer at all! I don’t envy you at all for the packing part (just the child free Mummy holiday bit!!). x

  5. Sue

    I used to do that kind of thing when I was a student and it was a lot easier then as I had a lot less. But if I don’t hear from you for a few days, it’s because you’re still ploughing through your spreadsheet. You need that database thing from Clueless don’t you?

    Oh yes – most importantly – don’t forget to pack my sweatshirt!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Shit – the sweatshirt – you better keep reminding me – I’ll add it to the spreadsheet:)

  6. treasuresnpleasures

    I thought i was bad with spreadsheets, but you take the biscuit Joanna!! I do write lists though which is nearly as bad. I hate packing but have been planning a lot better recently and am getting better at it. Love your black and red outfit, and im not a big fan of black and red together. But i may have to revisit it!

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