Yes…a sneaker post…

Sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes – whatever you call them they are everywhere right now, and nothing could make me happier.  In my closet I have Adidas gazelles, Converse sneakers and classic Chuck Taylors, Nike hi-tops (worn way back here) and of course my ridiculous Golden Goose.

Many recent sneaker posts have focused on the classic New Balance sneaker.  They’ve had somewhat of a renaissance recently.  I remember blogging about my New Balance running shoes back here and thinking what a ‘nerdy’ brand they were.  But now that nerdiness seems to be cool.  I love the fact that they have become so mainstream – I still have a lot of love for the brand and J.Crew have some amazing colors available for the Spring.

Jcrew yellow JCrew peach

Back in 1995 I dragged my family around the streets of London looking for Adidas Gazelles in green.  You couldn’t get them for love or money after Ms. Moss made them such a style statement.  I eventually tracked a pair down in Harrods of all places!

Kate Moss


Since that first purchase I have always been an Adidas girl.  The fact that Run DMC made the brand so freakin’ cool did not escape me either.


I now have a pair of men’s navy Gazelles.  Buyer beware – buying men’s sneakers presents all sorts of sizing issues.  Not only is UK sizing different from US sizing but the men’s and women’s sizing is different too!  Please can someone standardize shoe sizes globally – thanks.  I am a US women’s 8.5 and I buy US men’s 7.5 in Adidas.

I also have a pair of Adidas Samoas – I love how ‘neat’ this shoe is and the leather is beautiful.


These silver women’s Gazelles are amazing and on sale.  Just imagine them with tanned ankles and boyfriend jeans – lush!


The Samoas are also available in silver – I love the metallics – a far cheaper option than the metallic/sparkly Golden Goose.


For something a little more neutral I adore the grey men’s Samoas.

samoa grey

Yesterday I just had to get out of the house.  With the crazy weather here in Altanta (we spent Tuesday night pushing cars along our road) we’ve all been housebound.  This has now resulted in us all getting sick, irritable and tired.  Great.  So yesterday I bundled up and headed to the mall for 30 minutes to a) try and remember what day it was and b) blow some germs away.  I ended up popping into the Adidas store and look what I ‘treated’ myself to.

These Stan Smiths can’t be found anywhere online – at least where I have looked – they do have some of the red trim available on the Adidas site.  I really didn’t think they would be me – but when I tried them on I was smitten.  Super comfy and I love the simplicity of them.

Stan Smiths

Of course everyone else in the store was buying them so they will be on all the cool kids this Spring – me, Phoebe and Marc included of course:)

Phoebe Philo stan smiths Fashion Icons with FERN MALLIS: MARC JACOBS sponsored by MARTINI

These Samoas were a complete curve ball.  I immediately cringed when I saw them – flowers on sneakers – totally wrong.  But again I tried them on and wow – I love them!  So different, and yes girly, and they will look great with denim shorts or my ASOS t-shirt dresses.  Again I’m sorry I can’t find them online but here they are in the flesh

Floral Samoa

As a complete aside from ‘proper’ sneakers, while I was re-ordering my Limited Edition shoes (flowers again – what is happening to me?!) I spotted these fabulous ‘slip on sneakers’ – similar to the Next versions that were available last summer.  These Marks & Spencer versions are a great price too.  I can vouch for them as they happened to fall in my cart – no idea how that happens – very strange – must be a bug on the M&S site.

Black M&S leopard M&S

I’m afraid I don’t have much to report on the outfits of recent days – it really has been crap stuck at home, but not nearly as crap as it was for those stuck on the Interstates for 24 hours.  I’m sure we’ll continue to hear more about the good Samaritans who have helped those in need over the past few days.  The thaw is here and hopefully we can get back to normal again – though our politicians will feel a little beaten up for a few weeks to come no doubt…



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27 thoughts on “Yes…a sneaker post…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Wow they are lovely!!! Thanks so much – I might have to check them out when I am back next month – though I fear I have enough trousers in my closet…help me justify them please:)

  1. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    So I would completely buy every single pair of trainers on your post, what a fabulous selection, how delicious are those j crew in the ice cream colours and I adore the silver gazelles, completely agree with tanned ankles pale blue skinny ankle skimming jeans and a pretty white top gor-ge-ous! Can’t wait to see you style the Stan’s mine look ridiculously big on me but I am sticking by them!! Xxx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I ordered the New Balance – I think I may have a problem – I have a drawer in my closet full of sneakers. But then again I know what I like – Newburys, sneakers and flip flops…I have realized recently that heels over 3″ just don’t work for me any more! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Me too!! I’ve ordered some wide trousers off Asos – hope they fit – you won’t be able to tell the difference between me and Phoebe:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are – and I think they will be perfect with a grey t-shirt dress – I might save them for a bit till it gets warmer:)

  2. Maxine

    You and your trainer / sneaker / hightop love!
    Absolutely love every single pair and want them all..I need a lie down! Can’t wait to see you all Sneaker Styled Up 😉

  3. EveWornOut

    I finally took delivery of some Lacoste silver Velcro trainers that I spent weeks staking and they don’t fit. I was tearful. The Samoas may be the answer. I’ve ordered some SS’ too just to be sure I don’t want them 😉 I have the Gap leopard print slip on. I wasn’t sure at first but think I like them.

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Fate indeed – I so hope they work out!!! I have ordered the J.Crew New Balance in the mango neon – I love the color for summer! I think I have a sneaker addiction.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I think the slip ons are great – I bet they look good with the H&M trousers too – but fab with bf jeans especially in the spring x

  4. Sue

    Love Phoebe Philo – I have her on my pinterest. The woman is just too cool for school.

    And you’ve nabbed some Stans … get modelling girl!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I will I will – I’ve even been wearing them in the house – I don’t want to get them dirty lol:)

  5. Michelle

    Too many lovely sneakers and not enough feet to wear them on…!! Love all of your choices…..the zesty NB’s look awesome and I love the flower print Samoa’s they will be gorgeous come Spring/Summer….lots of fab food for thought! xx

  6. miss b

    I remember too when New Balance were just for serious running. I love those fresh spring colours you featured. I have just bought a pair in a silvery grey for aerobics and Zumba and they are so light!

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