The renovations are done!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been celebrating:)  My lovely family gave me a fabulous birthday weekend and to start it all off the contractors departed on Thursday – hooray!  I’ve captured a few before and after shots to share with you.  We’re still in the process of moving back into our room and until the closet is finished I’ll still be running up and downstairs for clothes.  We’re thrilled with the results though and we are woken by sunlight flooding through our new windows every morning – it’s fabulous!

Before and after stairs to our basement t.v. room – no more carpet covered in apple juice!!

Closet before and after – thrilled to have a walk in – just have to build it out now!

Before and after windows and hardwoods – love my wall of light!

I was a tad nervous when I saw this back in June when I was in the UK!

Before bathroom:  small windows, separate toilet, no tub and poor use of space!

New bathroom!! Open, bright, new windows and a tub!!

Believe it or not I haven’t used the tub yet but my plan tonight is to have a long soak with some bubbles!

I’ll be posting more later to tell you all about how 41 feels and how I celebrated over the weekend!

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3 thoughts on “The renovations are done!

    1. Suzanne

      Belated Happy Birthday! The renovations look amazing. Love the hardwoods and the new bathroom. Enjoy that soak tonight and hope you get moved into your new closet soon! thanks for sharing the before and after pics, i love to see them!!!


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