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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!  Not only are the presents wrapped, but the closet is finished hooray!!  That explains my absence over the past couple of days – we had a flurry of energy and decided to just get it done! I promise to share photos of the finished closet soon – I am unable to move as of now due to excessive flat-packing.

Thank you to all of you for making my first year of blogging so much fun – I have made great new friends and it’s been a wonderful learning experience both in the technology and style stakes.

I’ll have lots of outfit photos to follow after Christmas.  So for now I’ll leave you with my all time favorite Christmas songs and I hope Santa brings you all you want xx.


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Poppy’s Style Closet Store

Just a quick note to let you all know that, disenchanted with eBay fees, I have opened a store front on Facebook!  Enjoy and I hope you find some great bargains!


The renovations are done!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been celebrating:)  My lovely family gave me a fabulous birthday weekend and to start it all off the contractors departed on Thursday – hooray!  I’ve captured a few before and after shots to share with you.  We’re still in the process of moving back into our room and until the closet is finished I’ll still be running up and downstairs for clothes.  We’re thrilled with the results though and we are woken by sunlight flooding through our new windows every morning – it’s fabulous!

Before and after stairs to our basement t.v. room – no more carpet covered in apple juice!!

Closet before and after – thrilled to have a walk in – just have to build it out now!

Before and after windows and hardwoods – love my wall of light!

I was a tad nervous when I saw this back in June when I was in the UK!

Before bathroom:  small windows, separate toilet, no tub and poor use of space!

New bathroom!! Open, bright, new windows and a tub!!

Believe it or not I haven’t used the tub yet but my plan tonight is to have a long soak with some bubbles!

I’ll be posting more later to tell you all about how 41 feels and how I celebrated over the weekend!

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A work in progress.

We met with our contractor the other day.  He came with his crew to get some last minute measurements before delivering our final quote.  We’ve been in the house for just over 4 years and to be honest the work is really more cosmetic than necessary.  We are having a new master bathroom, replacing the remaining carpeted floors with hardwoods and adding granite and a new back splash in the kitchen.  Much to my delight I have also managed to squeeze in a new walk-in closet into the design!  Well they might as well while they’re here and doing our bedroom floors right?  Our current closet isn’t small – certainly not by UK standards, but MM is gradually surrendering more and more space to my ever increasing collection of clothes.  I’m not very good at getting rid of stuff – or maybe I’m just getting better at choosing clothing I love and cherish for longer?

My current overcrowded closet space (not including my shoe closet or the winter clothes now in storage downstairs!):

The pool at the Y opened yesterday – summer is officially here!  Going to the pool with a 4 and 6 year old always requires preparation, though MM has it down to quite a fine art these days.  Snacks are required so they can refuel on peanut butter sandwiches, watermelon and strawberries, plus of course pool toys, sunblock, towels and changes of clothes.  It’s never a case of just ‘nipping’ to the pool – proper planning is required.

I got to try out some of my new summer arrivals for the first time too.  I really like the Boden towelling hoody especially in this candy stripe – though I’m not a fan of the big white buttons.  I may just cut them off as I think they look a bit cheap.  It’s currently in the sale at $66.30 which I think is a bargain given the quality of the fabric – it will last many summer seasons.  If truth be told it probably is a little too warm to wear here in Atlanta over a bathing suit.  I think it’s much better suited to a blustery Mediterranean beach but I’ll have to wait to test that theory until after the new floors, bathroom and closet!

Yesterday I wore the ruffle trim tankini in Bluebell bud which I adore and wore on our trip to Tybee Island at Spring break.  Today I’m wearing the Apple stripe for the first time – I think I prefer this color but it is a close call.  I’m very glad I bought 3 colors in this suit – plus I have the tankini tops and the bikini tops so I will get maximum wear out of them.  All the pieces are currently on sale and all but the navy stripe are available.  I was hesitant to photograph myself in a bikini for fear of attracting the ‘reader’s wives’ followers but hey I’m here to show you how items of clothes look on real women so here goes – although I did opt to keep my shorts on:)

I hope there aren’t too many Cinco de Mayo hangovers out there today.  I enjoyed a couple of margaritas with my healthy chicken burritos last night so it’s back on the wagon for me today.

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