Home Sweet Home.

Tybee Island is a fabulous place – I highly recommend it.  I think we have found our annual Spring Break destination.  Everything was great – great weather, great beach, great basic accommodation and great planning by MM.  We stayed at the campsite, which is why we intentionally only stayed 2 nights.  Having not been before we were unsure of what a ‘cabin’ would be like and exactly how tight quarters would be at night.  As it turns out it was fine – even slightly bigger than the ‘caravan’ we stayed in in France last year.  Of course it was made more bearable by the deck that functioned as an extra room in the evenings.  MM and I ended up bed hopping with the kids though as they were a bit disorientated with the bunk beds…just like the old days I never knew where everyone was going to be when I got up in the morning:)

As I mentioned MM planned perfectly.  In fact we both drafted Excel spreadsheets (yes we are nerds and old habits die hard!) before we left and they matched almost perfectly, listing all the items we needed…great minds think alike!  We even remembered the coffee machine so sanity was preserved each morning.  We wanted to spend as little time as possible in stores so we even took our own wine, beverages and snacks.  It all worked out perfectly and I was able to enjoy a chilled beaker of wine while Daddy frolicked in the Atlantic with the kids.

We ate out one night but to be honest I am no fan of eating with all the other Atlantans on spring break, at over priced, beach side restaurants, so my favorite meal was a large pizza on the cabin deck with a home made margarita:)  It was noticeable how much easier holidaying with an almost 6 year old and a 4 year old is compared to last year.  All they seem to need is a good peanut butter sandwich, markers and paper and they are perfectly happy.  We even had art work to present to the slightly high pizza delivery guy.

The only bummer was driving back on the freeway yesterday.  We were informed by our son that he was ‘absolutely desperate’ for the loo.  Now why do they always wait till they are in dire need to inform us?  Anyway MM sped up to try and find an appropriate, safe place to stop, and crumbs there he was waiting to snare us with his radar gun.  Shucks – a speeding ticket, deserved I know, but a bummer non the less.  Oh well at least we saved on the restaurant dinners:)

The Spanish Moss of the Deep South in Savannah:


Hanging out on the cabin deck:

On the deck

The perfect beach:

The perfect beach

My favorite beaker:)


The perfect place for a nap….

Time to nap


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home.

  1. annewoodman

    Looks gorgeous! One of my family’s favorites–we went there for a few years–was Jekyll Island, not too far away. It’s so beautiful down there! Glad you had fun.


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