Packing for 4.

Yeah Spring Break is here!  Everyone in this family needs it.  7am school bus rides take their toll on all of us after a while.  My daughter has been asking for regular updates on ‘how many more sleeps’ there are until we go to the beach.  It’s fun to see how excited she is.  I’m not quite so excited yet as I have to pack for a family of 4 camping for 2 nights, and of course you need as much stuff for 2 nights as you do for 5 ranging from pillows to dixie cups, and from spf 30 to toilet roll.  I know we will forget something – the test will be is it something we can do without?  I’ll just make certain that my cocktail shaker makes it:)

Prior to everyone disappearing on Spring Break my running buddy and I went for a 10 miler yesterday.  I found it really tough – I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I had no significant aches or pains but just felt like I had low energy, my body and soul just wanted to give up.  Maybe a couple of days of rest at the beach will help?  I hope so as I’ve got another half fast approaching in April.

As I went to meet the school bus yesterday I was shocked to discover our only immediate neighbor has put her house on the market.  Spring is definitely the time everyone tests the market as most families want to move before the start of the next school year in August.  We don’t talk a lot, but she is a great neighbor, mainly because we do both just get on with our lives with little interference so I will miss her.  However it would be fantastic if we get another younger family moving in.  We’re in a good school district so fingers crossed.  I also really hope she gets what she has listed it for – it’ll certainly do wonders for our house value and prove to me that the Buckhead Bubble is recession proof.

So I’m going to take a few days off being online – I’ll be back next week with stories from Tybee.


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