My new workout closet.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d experienced some nasty chafing from a top during the Georgia half marathon.  In order to prevent it ever happening again I was motivated to explore Lululemon, the Canadian brand known for yoga and running gear.  They actually have all their own trademarked fabrics too and you can find descriptions here.  I must admit I’m still getting up to speed with all their offerings and what gear will best suit my needs.  I do some hot yoga and run a lot.  I tend to wear the same clothes for both activities – and the less coverage the better really given the heat here.

Before buying I did a bit of research using the Lululemon Facebook page and a few blogs – Lulumum, LululemonAddict and See Alli Run.  There are two key things to be aware of.  Firstly new items are uploaded to the website every Monday night.  Most of the bloggers will have posted reviews of these items already, based on info from Australia or elsewhere that has already received the product.  Secondly hot items sell out FAST.  If a new print or color arrives it will be gone in a couple of days.  Unfortunately many items find there way to eBay at inflated prices.  So if you are obsessing over an item buy it – don’t wait – you might be disappointed.

My first purchases were a Cool Racerback (known as a CRB), Chase me crops, and a Chase me tank.  I have worn both the CRB and the Chase me tank and I love them both.  The CRB fits great (size 8 – I’m a 36 C/D, 140lbs and 5’6″) and is lovely and soft.  I love the fact that it is quite long so you can wrinkle it a little over the tummy area if you need a bit of camouflage.  I wore it for hot yoga and it wicked well and was so comfortable, I also think it will be great for running with a good sports bra.  I have the aquamarine that is no longer available online – but I’ve noticed things popping back into stock occasionally probably due to returns, so stalking may benefit you.  The Chase me tank is really cute and demonstrates why I am now in love with Lululemon.  They make functional items that are cuter than your regular brands.  The Chase me tank has a stretch top around the bust but then is a softer, looser fabric around the midriff with a drawcord that can be tightened to not only keep the tank in place but also give it a cute ruffle effect.  I wore it on an 8 mile run the other day and it worked great – no chafing and again really comfortable.  I love both these tanks as I can wear my own favorite sports bra beneath them – I’m completely anti-shelf bra now after the chafing incident!

The Cool Racerback:

Cool Racerback

The Chase Me Tank:

Chase me tank

I love skorts.  I like to feel feminine when I’m working out – what I’m wearing really does psychologically impact my performance.  I ummed and ahhed over the blurred blossom Pace Setter skirt and learned the lesson about items selling out fast online and this print in the regular length is all sold out online.  Luckily we have a store here in Atlanta.  I nipped in there yesterday to investigate running socks – fatal error.  The running socks ended up costing me over $100 as I walked out with the Pace Setter skirt in blurred blossom and a Swiftly racerback in ultra violet.  The skirt is gorgeous and I was smitten as soon as I saw it in person.  It goes with every color – blues, greens, pinks, purples and greys.  Again it is the perfect mix of style and performance.  I adore the ruffles at the back for cute factor, but it also has multiple pockets and great sticky seams on the short legs so they don’t ride up.  I’m so in love with it I ordered the new black/blush combo as soon as I got home as it hadn’t yet hit the store.

The Pace Setter skirt in Blurred Blossom:

The Swiftly racerback is great too – very different from the CRB.  It is a looser, thinner fit and really light for a long run.  Overall I think I prefer it for running but it might be too loose for my downward dog.  I’m beginning to see the benefits of a diversified workout closet, for now though I’m doing my best to stay away from on Tuesday mornings!

The Swiftly racerback:


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3 thoughts on “My new workout closet.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    And so the addiction begins! I only go into the Lululemon store when I am absolutely sure I feel like spending money! Never get out for less than $100.

    I love the CRB’s. Have a few and they perform great as base layers, too.

    Right now Im stalking the turbo shorts in we are from space with the white waist band. I tried the 8, but find that in LLL, I prefer more room in the shorts. Crossing fingers for a 10 to appear!

  2. DeeDee

    These look so tempting, particularly that skirt- how cute is that? I shall resist however as I have managed to for years. I work out 5 or 6 days a week and have worn the same workout gear for …at least 4 years! To be fair it comprises 3 pairs of knee length leggings and a rotating group of t-shirts.I also change my workout bras every year. (M & S does a very decent range)
    In my defense the leggings are great quality and were pricey when I got them. Since I workout at home, noone see’s my gear except family and nothing has fallen to bits yet…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I now have too much workout gear as it never seems to wear out! My main reason for buying new stuff was to prevent the chafing I got from my tops but I seem to have been caught buying bottoms too:) It’s great marketing when they only release items occasionally and then only a limited quantity so they sell out – it induces panic buying just like Boden! I did Zumba in the skirt yesterday and at least my butt looked like it was shaking with the ruffles – it may only have enhanced my lack of rhythm though:)


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