Festive red – and a t.v. interview!!!!

I finally feel like the Holidays have started.  Poppy is off school for two and a half weeks – oh joy – and that’s not sarcastic either!  With the school day normally starting at 5.45am, ready to leave the house at 7am, it is bliss having an extra hour or so in bed.  It’s a girls day today as Hugh is still at pre-K and MM is working till lunch tomorrow.  Unfortunately it is also absolutely chucking it down with rain outside so activities have been curtailed and we are snuggling in front of Christmas movies all afternoon.  I’m wondering when it is appropriate to crack open a bottle of wine?

I’m feeling quite proud of myself at the today.  After gaining some weight through lack of running, I’ve managed to lose 10lbs in 4 weeks with some healthy eating and working out daily.  I’m taking bets how long it will take to regain them over the Christmas week – 2 – 3 days maybe?  Especially after a trip to Trader Joe’s where I have stocked up on cheap plonk, Christmas cookies and cheesecake…”all in moderation” must be my mantra for the next couple of weeks:)

INTERRUPTION ALERT!  As I was sitting here typing, and contemplating the wine, there was a knock at the door – dogs go ballistic etc…I open with trepidation wondering who on earth is stopping by on a wet Thursday afternoon…go on guess who – I bet you can’t…

…it was Aaron Diamant…you know him…?  No?  Not native to Atlanta?  Well he is a lovely investigative reporter from Channel 2 Action News!  Oh yes he had heard all about my blog and wanted to interview me for a huge national t.v. feature.  NOT.  Less than glamorous – he wanted to interview me about the sewage leak that occurred behind our house last spring.  THANK GOD I was dressed and had make-up on!  I will be on the evening news in a ‘set up’ piece apparently about the City being fined for taking so long to identify the problem.  Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to check for bogeys or food between my teeth so apologies if they are highlighted on HD.  Hopefully I hid all evidence of our sinful lifestyle from the camera – of all places they wanted to film with the kitchen behind me!! Thank goodness MM keeps it spotless!

Phew excitement over – must get that bottle of wine now…

So here’s what I will now refer to as my ‘t.v. outfit’.  I am wearing the Boden smocked tunic dress with Boden tights (sold out) and the VInce Camuto Autumn wedge boots.

IMG_3653 IMG_3640

I then added the Boden jersey scarf from the sale last summer.


Finally before Poppy and I headed to the library this morning I popped on my fabulous Boden red Iona coat – just $135.80 now in the sale.  I have the black too and adore them – great for just throwing on when you don’t want bulk or a heavy coat.

IMG_3679 IMG_3675

So look out tonight for a mad English bird talking about stinky sewage on Channel 2 Action News – Coverage that you can count on – I expect they’ll be hiring me soon to be their evening news anchor.


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9 thoughts on “Festive red – and a t.v. interview!!!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It won’t be aired till this evening – I have my best posh English accent on for talking about shit – literally the smell of shit!

  1. Sadlebred

    It is random when you are asked to be on tv. I was interviewed at Chicopee Woods in Gainesville, GA while I was on the trails mountain biking. There had been a small plane crash on the property, and the tv photo journalist (camera man) was running through the woods trying to find the crash site. I don’t know if he ever did, but several friends spotted me on the 6:00 news complete in my cycling spandex and helmet.

  2. avenue57

    LOL LOL I’m sorry to laugh so much about your news coverage but at least you looked the part! I love those tights! Can you post a link to the news when you have it?

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    HIlarious .. phew you had the make-up on when you answered the door!! Can’t wait to see the clip. Have a lovely Christmas … I’m heading your direction tomorrow. Not quite as far as Atlanta – we’re spending Christmas in Boston. Beyond excited .. the shopping, oh, the shopping!!!! Helen

  4. cc

    You looked amazing for a TV interview – like it was planned!! The tunic looks lovely on you – I always hesitate on the empire line with gathers, not sure if it will have a slimming or gaining effect. The smocked tunic seems slimming if sized correctly. Oh, well, I passed that one up. I do have the scarf though, which I love. Thanks for the fashion and the laughs 🙂


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