Roll necks and camouflage.

My black Boden Off Duty jumper has finally arrived – I’m still waiting for the grey to be delivered and I’m now tempted to order the mole melange color too.  Boden’s Off Duty jumper is bloody brilliant.  It’s a beautiful square cut jumper with skinny, ribbed arms – not dissimilar in cut and style to an All Saints jumper I have, though Boden’s version has a fabulous roll neck that is just perfect – not too tight and not too loose – just right in fact.  It’s mainly cotton so hangs beautifully and has a touch of cashmere in it for a lovely softness.  Granted it’s only now that it is cold enough to wear a roll neck – but I can’t believe it took me so long to order this beauty.  Once again Boden have done us proud.

Today I’ve paired it with my Zara camouflage jeans and Isabel Marant Dicker boots in black (glad I got these this season – looks like they are going up in price for 2013).  I layered the jumper over an H&M long, grey vest as you might feel a bit of a draft without anything under it.  MM just told me I look very Gallic – I’ll take that as a complement – it’s the closest I’ll get to one sitting here in the office:)

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7 thoughts on “Roll necks and camouflage.

  1. Sue

    Love it. I just popped over to the Boden site to have a nosey. It would be so perfect with the Kooples boots! But it’s not my month! I have to say, I think that would be the perfect polo/roll neck jumper for me especially if like you say, it’s a little loose round the neck and doesn’t make me look all moonface and everything. Will keep my eye on that one!

  2. Trea

    Love this look on you, you’ve reminded me polo necks exist. I’ve never even been on the Boden website, I’m still clinging onto my youth and associated it with middle aged mums but I’m seeing lovely pieces on a lot of blogs perhaps it’s time for a wee peep.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Well I’m middle aged and a mum but still don’t think Boden deserves it’s stereotype:) It’s all in how you wear it – try it – you might be surprised! x

  3. honor

    I do like the look of the jumper – I noticed on the Boden site but dismissed it due to my dislike of polo necks but it doesn’t look too constricting on you at all. How is it size wise?

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Honor! It’s on the big size – it’s designed to be ‘oversize’ which is why the skinny arms balance it out so well. I always go with a US 8 in their knitwear but in this I went with a US 6 and it feels perfect. The sleeves are not full length and sit just above my watch which I like – again it prevents me from feeling overwhelmed by the jumper. The pol neck is perfect in my eyes. It stands up – so isn’t slouchy like a cowl, but also isn’t really tight so that you feel like your always pulling at it for air:) Try it – Boden have a great returns policy if it doesn’t work out! x


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