A quick post today as I am recovering from a fabulously fun and frenetic weekend!  Saturday was spent cheering on the swim team where Poppy won both her races – I’m so proud of my little fish!  We celebrated on Saturday night with a fabulous Chinese takeaway and a bottle of Prosecco – my idea of a perfect night these days:)

On Sunday we hosted a little gathering to welcome in the festive period.  We’ve been trying to get some friends together for a while now and the timing worked perfectly as it meant we could turn it into a fun Christmas party too.  I like to keep my parties simple otherwise I just get overwhelmed with the prep and the fun gets taken over by anxiety.  So yesterday I laid out a spread of cheese, meats and bread and ensured there was plenty of wine for all.  I obviously got a little distracted with the wine as once everyone had left I realized I’d left the shrimp platter and salami in the fridge!  I’m a little fuzzy today but have managed to drag my backside into the office…the lack of organization and fuzziness this morning means my photo today is taken in the office bathrooms again:)

I definitely went for comfort today – these are my Gap Always Skinny, black jeans. They’re a US 4 but have so much stretch in them it’s really like wearing leggings – I could sleep in these they are so comfortable.  The jumper is another H&M purchase – super cheap and super soft – I love the pink cuffs.  The boots are the AllSaints Bonny Cuban.

Must. Go. To. The. Gym. Today.  Need to re-balance the H2O : Wine ratio.

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8 thoughts on “Recovering.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL – it is all camera trickery – they are not very long at all…but I do like my skinny jeans – just have to keep the running going! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Big jumpers are fabulous for concealing all sins especially after a weekend of over indulgence:) xx

  1. Sue

    I’m in agreement with Marlene and Jody – you look so skinny in this outfit – I might have to work something similar as I have a black and white jumper a lot like the one you’ve got. I don’t have the legs though :o(

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It must be the lighting – I can assure you after all the brie I consumed I have added considerable poundage:) Oh well ’tis the season hey!? xx


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