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Beach vacation.

This place is amazing.  It’s one of those vacations where everything falls in to place, almost.

The kids have been jumping the surf at 8am each morning, and MM and I have managed to get a couple of beach runs in to burn off the calories from the excesses of each evening.  Yes, we’ve even managed to light the charcoal grill:)  Nothing better than burgers with Prosecco!


My afternoon margaritas have been cunningly disguised in my coffee cup.


The house, fortunately, is perfect – basic, but right on the beach.  It’s amazing how easy the day becomes when you don’t have to pack bags and food for a day at the beach.  Not to mention we can all chill out away from the sun when we feel like it.  The only thing we’re missing are the dogs – they don’t deal well with the heat – I hope they are behaving for the house sitter!



I’ve been relishing living in bikinis, shorts and t-shirts.  I packed light, and living with a capsule wardrobe is fabulously freeing.  No decisions to make except choosing which shorts are clean.

denim shorts

Shorts – JCrew selvedge shorts (old – similar here) // t-shirt – Target // hat – Target

IMG_5234 IMG_5238


Shorts – JCrew Factory bermudas // t-shirt – Target (old) // hat – Target // Flip flops – Havaianas // sunglasses – Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Of course we can never go away without drama.  Poor Poppy managed to get half the deck in her foot on Sunday evening.  I tried removing the splinter but she was obviously in pain.  Monday morning we headed to Urgent Care.  The poor wee thing had to have a huge needle in her foot for anesthetic then the Dr. had to use a scalpel to remove it – it was embedded in her foot so deeply!  I held on to her for dear life – I never want to hear screams of pain like that again.  I was in tears and shaking – and I wasn’t even going through the pain!!  She was an absolute star and once it was all over all she was concerned about was the color of her bandage.  I think she is feeling quite the hero now.





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A New Year and a new closet!

First let me tell you – if you did as I did and ordered in J.Crew‘s sale at the weekend, call them and ask them to apply the new 30% off sale prices STYLE2013 code to your order – they just did for me and have credited me $50 – brilliant customer service I have to say.

Another couple of sale purchases were made last night (trying to get it done before the New Year’s resolution etc…).  As MM was watching football I was surfing Nordstrom’s shoe sale.  It started with a want/need/itch – call it what you want – for some black and white ballet flats for the Spring to wear with my new J.Crew cafe capris.  Not willing to pay Chanel type prices but wanting a Chanel type shoe I thought Nordstrom would be the place to start.  Low and behold I found these beauties – the Vince Camuto Fawna.  Unfortunately, at 50% off I also thought I’d save more i.e. spend more, and I ordered the pink and caramel versions too!  They’re also available in the sale on the Vince Camuto site if you are in the US.


So the Christmas tree is down today and the house is looking relatively normal again.  I have to say the Christmas present I am loving more and more each day is our new closet.  I am so thrilled we got it finished before the Holidays.  Each time I walk in there I feel giddy.  Everything is put away neatly, all within reach, and the best bit is we built it all ourselves – such a sense of accomplishment!  So as promised here are some photos of our new IKEA Pax closet – the steps are necessary for me to reach to top – we are using every inch of the room – and don’t worry MM has some space at the other end of the closet!

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3768

Not much going on today – I nipped out to Trader Joe’s for some more Cava and Prosecco for tonight.  MM and I aren’t huge fans of New Year’s Eve – we always used to call it amateur night.  We’re much happier sitting in with a Chinese takeaway, some fizzy wine and Carson and Ryan on the t.v. – I am so ready for 2013 to start.  2012 has been an amazing year – and I am expecting great things from 2013.  We’re planning a year of travel and trips – no money on the house this year!  I hope 2013 brings you all health, wealth and happiness – and THANK YOU for being here – for reading, being interested and leaving comments and sending emails – it means more than you can possibly imagine.

So here’s the last outfit of 2012 – some sparkles and fur.  MM wanted to know where I was going clubbing when I nipped out to the shops:)  It’s time for the Target fur (reduced to $35 online), worn over a Zara t-shirt layered with an old, but favorite Diesel sequin t-shirt.  The jeans are Hudson Collins and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

IMG_3762 IMG_3743


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A quick post today as I am recovering from a fabulously fun and frenetic weekend!  Saturday was spent cheering on the swim team where Poppy won both her races – I’m so proud of my little fish!  We celebrated on Saturday night with a fabulous Chinese takeaway and a bottle of Prosecco – my idea of a perfect night these days:)

On Sunday we hosted a little gathering to welcome in the festive period.  We’ve been trying to get some friends together for a while now and the timing worked perfectly as it meant we could turn it into a fun Christmas party too.  I like to keep my parties simple otherwise I just get overwhelmed with the prep and the fun gets taken over by anxiety.  So yesterday I laid out a spread of cheese, meats and bread and ensured there was plenty of wine for all.  I obviously got a little distracted with the wine as once everyone had left I realized I’d left the shrimp platter and salami in the fridge!  I’m a little fuzzy today but have managed to drag my backside into the office…the lack of organization and fuzziness this morning means my photo today is taken in the office bathrooms again:)

I definitely went for comfort today – these are my Gap Always Skinny, black jeans. They’re a US 4 but have so much stretch in them it’s really like wearing leggings – I could sleep in these they are so comfortable.  The jumper is another H&M purchase – super cheap and super soft – I love the pink cuffs.  The boots are the AllSaints Bonny Cuban.

Must. Go. To. The. Gym. Today.  Need to re-balance the H2O : Wine ratio.

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70 degrees Farenheit on December 4th?!

Sorry to rub it in for all you folks suffering with cold and snow – especially back in the UK – but we are having ridiculously abnormal temperatures here for the first week in December!  It’s in the 70s!  Talk about Global Warming – seriously!  I was out and about yesterday and saw people in shorts and t-shirts again.  Now I like warm weather but I like my December to feel like December – I hope it cools down soon so I can snuggle in my sweaters and knitwear again.

Daycare was closed yesterday for random reasons, so I had my son with me all day.  It turned into a fun day.  He ‘helped’ decorate the outside of the house – not National Lampoon style – but a few lights on the bushes, plus our inflatable 4ft Santa – tasteful if you ask me, with just enough festive spirit:)  We then headed off to the Fernbank Museum to see the dinosaurs.  There was also a fabulous Genghis Khan exhibit and a fun adventure area for him to burn some energy off.  He obviously had fun because when I asked him to tell Daddy what we had been up to he was thrilled to tell him ‘we had Chick-fil-a for lunch!’ – sod the museum.

The tree is also up and finished.  I had a lovely Saturday afternoon decorating with the kids, drinking Prosecco and listening to Radio 2 – it’s the little things in life:)  I then embraced everything Southern as I cheered on the University of Georgia in the SEC Championship Football game – fabulous game but we threw it away with 15 seconds to go, such is life.

Our salt dough decorations, as promised.  These were painted at 7am Saturday – we’re early crafters in this household:

The tree – no idea why we have a blue top:

So today there was a bit of a dilemma when it came to dressing.  It was freezing when I was out walking Tennyson at 7am but the weather man has promised it will be in the 70s again today.  I opted for my Hudson jeans with a long sleeved t-shirt and my lovely Zara jacket that hasn’t had too many outings (sorry I can’t find either online!).  The boots are the Sam Edelman Louie.

Last night I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – my favorite ‘remove brain and watch’ t.v. – and the Beverly Hills franchise is my favorite.  This season I am completely smitten with Yolanda and her effortless beauty.  Just watch and see how stylish she is in her white jeans and Hermes beltLast night she looked amazing in her Lululemon Inspire crops and she was by far the most appropriately attired for their trip away.


Do you watch the Real Housewives?  Who’s your favorite cast member?

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