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Back to normal.

So with school going back on Monday I was a bit worried about short tempers and bad moods in our household this week – but all in all I’m pleased to report we’ve all eased back into a routine relatively easily.  So far no homework grumbles or getting out of bed complaints (I just huff and puff a bit – hate it!).  I’ve started trying to plan my clothes the night before again, as at 6am I am totally lacking inspiration.  The only problem is our weather is so wacky right now.  It looked freezing this morning so I was planning to wear my Boden Off Duty jumper in grey that finally arrived, but on my way back from the gym I realized it was in the 50s and the forecast is now for the 60s this afternoon, climbing up to the 70s next week!  It’s still January!?  So back in the closet went the polo neck and out came a t-shirt and jacket.

The t-shirt and jeans are both really old, but really comfortable Gap items that have worn and washed incredibly well.  It’s odd – some of my longest lasting items are from The Gap yet I never shop there these days – it just all looks a bit bland to me.  The jacket is the oriental print bomber jacket from Zara (no longer online).  I love this print and actually own the scarf (reduced to $20) and the trousers (reduced to $40) in it – never to be worn all together mind you!  I think it’s the pink, grey and black combo that I love.  The belt is Gucci – a present from MM a couple of Christmases ago – the fab news is it fits again!  That spare tire is deflating!  The boots are of course my Newburys that I keep harping on about…

IMG_4001 IMG_4016

I started the week in Zara too.  Both the cardigan (reduced to $50) and the trousers (reduced to $40) are Zara, t-shirt is the same Gap one as above (washed I promise) and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.


Yesterday I got the Vince Camuto boots out – I’d better wear them often before these temperatures rise!  The jeans are Hudson Collin skinnies and the tunic is H&M – a bargain when I got it – I think they were on sale buy one get one free, and I got a black one too.  The scarf is a REALLY old Accessorize one that I used to wear for work in The City – see I’ve always loved leopard print!  The jacket is Boden‘s leather jacket from Spring 2011.


I’ve been struggling with a cold this week and there are lots of warnings on the news regarding the flu outbreak here – so better late than never I’m off to take the kids for flu shots later – dreading it…send me some good vibes!


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A New Year and a new closet!

First let me tell you – if you did as I did and ordered in J.Crew‘s sale at the weekend, call them and ask them to apply the new 30% off sale prices STYLE2013 code to your order – they just did for me and have credited me $50 – brilliant customer service I have to say.

Another couple of sale purchases were made last night (trying to get it done before the New Year’s resolution etc…).  As MM was watching football I was surfing Nordstrom’s shoe sale.  It started with a want/need/itch – call it what you want – for some black and white ballet flats for the Spring to wear with my new J.Crew cafe capris.  Not willing to pay Chanel type prices but wanting a Chanel type shoe I thought Nordstrom would be the place to start.  Low and behold I found these beauties – the Vince Camuto Fawna.  Unfortunately, at 50% off I also thought I’d save more i.e. spend more, and I ordered the pink and caramel versions too!  They’re also available in the sale on the Vince Camuto site if you are in the US.


So the Christmas tree is down today and the house is looking relatively normal again.  I have to say the Christmas present I am loving more and more each day is our new closet.  I am so thrilled we got it finished before the Holidays.  Each time I walk in there I feel giddy.  Everything is put away neatly, all within reach, and the best bit is we built it all ourselves – such a sense of accomplishment!  So as promised here are some photos of our new IKEA Pax closet – the steps are necessary for me to reach to top – we are using every inch of the room – and don’t worry MM has some space at the other end of the closet!

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3768

Not much going on today – I nipped out to Trader Joe’s for some more Cava and Prosecco for tonight.  MM and I aren’t huge fans of New Year’s Eve – we always used to call it amateur night.  We’re much happier sitting in with a Chinese takeaway, some fizzy wine and Carson and Ryan on the t.v. – I am so ready for 2013 to start.  2012 has been an amazing year – and I am expecting great things from 2013.  We’re planning a year of travel and trips – no money on the house this year!  I hope 2013 brings you all health, wealth and happiness – and THANK YOU for being here – for reading, being interested and leaving comments and sending emails – it means more than you can possibly imagine.

So here’s the last outfit of 2012 – some sparkles and fur.  MM wanted to know where I was going clubbing when I nipped out to the shops:)  It’s time for the Target fur (reduced to $35 online), worn over a Zara t-shirt layered with an old, but favorite Diesel sequin t-shirt.  The jeans are Hudson Collins and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

IMG_3762 IMG_3743


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A couple of my Boden orders arrived!  The first – the slouchy merino jumper is gorgeous.  I normally order the larger of my two sizes in knitwear and did so with this, ordering the US8.  It is perfect.  Lovely and oversized with drapey dolman sleeves, but lovely and snug around the bottom and the cuffs.  It is long too and sits on my bum perfectly.  I think it can be worn with long skirts or skinny jeans equally well – as long as your lower half is fitted this jumper will be flattering.  I ordered the silver melange and love it so much that with the 25% off (code Q753), and some account credit begging to be used, I have just ordered it in sunset too.  Grab one now while there are plenty of colors and sizes left.

The second order is the washed red Fairisle jumper.  Hmmm – I do like it – but MM’s look was one of complete surprise – ‘that is so not you’ – was his comment – which I have to say is why I like it.  I have returned it though as I think the red was too Christmassy (yes ignore what I said the other day), and also the US8 was fitted.  If there is one thing I don’t like it is fitted knitwear.  So I have returned and I’m exchanging it for a US10 in the Fudge melange.  The jury is still out but again with 25% off it is worth a try.  I think I like it as it makes me think of cold, winter walks that end up in front of a roaring fire in a country pub eating steak and kidney pudding.  Not many of those here in Atlanta.

I do like a bit of animal print.  Today I am going for it in a big way.  The outfit initially started as red and taupe but quickly became overwhelmed by leopard print.  The taupe top is from Zara in the sale and the cardigan is the radish effortless cardigan from Boden SS 2012 and it still pops back into stock occasionally.  I love this cardigan – the color just makes me happy.  Serendipitously I discovered my H&M leopard print scarf coordinates perfectly with both.  Yes there is a lot going on here so I attempted to tame it with my Hudson Collin jeans and Sam Edelman tan (really taupe) suede Louie boots.

Then I went and over did it completely and threw on my best purchase ever from Marks & Spencer – last year’s leopard print coat.  Words cannot express how much love I have for this coat.  Oh how I wish you shipped to the States.

Odd experiment here too – always far happier with photos taken of myself in the mirror rather than with the tripod – must be because that is how I always see myself rather than how others see me?

Stay warm and let me know if you order anything from Boden with this fab deal!

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