Sale purchases before 2013 starts!

Yes my New Year’s resolution is to stop buying clothes – but fortunately New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken – no?  Before my shopping ban begins (please don’t re-read the blog to count how many times I said this in 2012…) I thought I’d share with you a few of the sale purchases and non-sale purchases that I’ve made over the Holiday.

Amazingly I spent all of $50 in NYC – I really tried to spend more but just wasn’t in ‘shopping mood’ – the irony hey – 3 days in shopping heaven and not in the mood!  On Friday, before heading to the airport, I did manage to buy a couple of hats (of the woolly variety) and these herringbone trousers from J.Crew that were marked down in store to $20!


Before the Holidays I’d bought another couple of pairs of their cafe capris for Spring.  I must be pining for some bright colors as I bought the green and guava – they’ll look great with ballet flats.  They’re a great price right now, starting at $35, with free shipping using FREESHIP code.


Also remember a while ago when I blogged about J.Crew – I was lusting after these velvet pants?  I was hoping they would be reduced further but this pink color has proven popular so I snapped them up at $80 reduced from $110 – not a huge saving admittedly – but while they had my size in I quickly swooped.


This heartbreaker sweater is super cute too and will go with the pink trousers perfectly!


My last couple of purchases are from Zara’s current collection.  Regarding their sale – I either have everything that I wanted or the mark downs were not significant enough to tempt me.  I love these two jackets though, and was happy to pay full price instead of wait 6 months for the next sale.  The sizing is random as I had to return the black and white striped one for a smaller size.

I can’t wait to wear this with my leather trousers or with simple white capris in the spring.  It’s linen mix and unlined so will work in warmer weather too.


Then this tartan blazer is fun and will look great with just blue jeans and a white t-shirt.


Now one final fun purchase for the Bet Lynch in me.  I love this leopard print jacket from Forever 21 – I know some will despise it – but indulge me – I promise it will be great with all black.  I doubt I’ll be wearing it as modeled here, as reluctantly I have come to terms with the fact that I am not forever 21.


What are your favorite Holiday/sale purchases?

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7 thoughts on “Sale purchases before 2013 starts!

  1. Suzanne

    Look like you got some good bargains!!! We were at Cumberland Mall yesterday (and I didnt buy anything, but mainly we go since they have our closest PF Changs!) I love your Bet Lynch jacket, now if you could recreate her hair style too i would be impressed!!! I was thinking today i need to also cut down on clothes buying, i have so much i dont wear already. I have a friend who several years ago (with the exception of underwear i believe) she made a New Years resolution to not buy any clothes and just make do with what she had already…now that would be a great challenge…not sure i am up for it this year but it would be interesting. Anyway just off to the local outdoor mall now (West Cobb Avenues) so must dash!!!!

  2. dinagideon

    I would love to have the resolve to say “no more new clothes” but I know me and that ain’t happening. LOL.

    I will, however, continue my 2012 purge of my closet, and so far, loads of clothes have been sold or donated. 😉

    I was like you in Paris last fall. I only spent a 150 euros on some fancy schmancy maternity clothing. My hubby was all worried I would see France as an excuse to splurge on designer duds, but yeah, I can’t do that, even though I love many designers, I am not of the means to drop thousands of dollars on clothing. Plus, I would fear that I would end up looking like “Real Housewife of wherever” if I bought designer duds.

  3. Sian

    Hi Joanna
    you have just inspired me to buy the heartbreaker jumper – love it, and J.Crew ships free to Australia. I won’t be able to wear it unitl about July but it’s nice to have a few new bits and pieces tucked away for winter 🙂
    Happy new year, Sian

  4. Thea (Journey To Style)

    My shopping ban was supposed to be until I’ve gone through every single item in my wardrobe and figured out my style (along with a whole lot of other appearance-related stuff!), but it lasted just 2 months. In the end it was the Boden sale that did it 😉
    Having said that, I’m really pleased with the things I got, and I think they’re keepers, so no harm done. But I need to go slow this year, or else hurry up and finally figure out what suits me!
    I’m a relatively new reader, but enjoy the energy and colour of your blog. Happy New Year 🙂

  5. Martha Merrill Wills

    I have to write on your blog about my holiday purchases, because I’d be in trouble if I wrote about them on my own! Ha!

    I went back to Lululemon the other day and bought the Lustrous Capri with the lace front and a pair of striped Wunder Under tights. Love them!!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m trying to stay off the LLL site – there’s always something I ‘have to have’ when I go on there:) Going to reward myself when I shift a few more stubborn pounds!


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