Some love for J.Crew.

My style isn’t at all preppy but I love J.Crew for certain items.  I’ve received a few inquiries about my shorts and they are all from J.Crew.  Their cashmere comes in great colors and I also have a couple of classic blazers from there.  Recently, each time I get a new catalogue from them, I find there is more I love.  There are some amazing jewel tones and lovely plush fabrics for winter.  The great news for all you in the UK is that J.Crew will ship to the UK and they are available through, plus they are planning to open their first store there in 2013.

Some of my current favorites include the following.  These toothpick jeans in velvet mauve blush are just gorgeous.

Their ever popular Minnie pant is now available in the color of the season – cabernet.

The school boy blazer in boulevard green is stunning – I love this color – and I think I need this jacket especially as the model is wearing glasses too:)

Their flats are lovely and come in an array of colors, prints and styles – this might be the time to try something other than my beloved Tory Burch flats.  The Mila is gorgeous and would look fab with those velvet trousers!  I just wish there were reviews online for how the shoes fit – reviews really help for those of us between sizes.

My outfit today is very autumnal – lots of muted tones.  The Must have Jumper is one of my favorite items from Boden – I love the cut and the 3/4 length sleeves are great for layering over a long sleeved tee.  The one I’m wearing today is a Boden essential t-shirt from last Fall.  Jeans are Hudson and the boots are Sam Edelman Lisle in British Burgundy.  I love these boots – they are a very similar shape, if not the same, as the Louie boot, but these have a lovely rose gold zipper at the back.  Back zippers seem to be very popular this season on boots.  The leather is quite distressed which I think looks great in this color and will look even better after a few wears.  An added bonus – they are incredibly comfortable.  Sorry my photos have come out dark today – must be the impact of the dark Atlanta skies.

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5 thoughts on “Some love for J.Crew.

  1. Sue

    Aaah but it’s in London – many many miles away from where I live in North Yorkshire!

    I have the same “must have” jumper in grey. It’s a great failsafe jumper.


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