Yes, yes, I know…enough already…

…I harped on the other week about not buying anything and being more restrained etc. etc. I should just keep my big mouth shut, as I know by now – as do you – that I welcome an austerity plan as well as the Greeks do.  I failed in a major way today – not just a little slip up but a colossal u-turn.  Though I did return some items that I had ordered recently to alleviate my guilt.  I have to say it is a very slippery slope from here – all the way down to an empty wallet for the rest of the year.  I have – ta-daaa – discovered the joys of

I have stayed away from it for so long mainly due the large price tags associated with every item on there.  MM loves and is a huge proponent of quality over quantity.  It dawned on me the other morning that in September I bought shed loads – most of which I’ll rarely wear and will end up on eBay.  For the same price as the three pairs of boots sitting in my closet I could in fact purchase a fabulous pair of Acne Pistols and have some change to boot (no pun intended).  So I did.  Here they are, and they are winging their way to me as we speak.

Oh joy, oh woe – I have fallen in love with about 20 items on today and have a feeling I may need to auction off a kidney soon.

This morning was spent at a teacher conference with my daughter’s teacher – academically she is doing great, socially – darn those genes – she is like me and ‘chatty’ – a very polite way of phrasing it.  Two ears, one mouth – let’s try and use them proportionally – hmm – never worked for me.

I dressed to impress in my grey Gap jeans, grey Guess Cardio boots, grey H&M slouch top bought in the UK and my Zara jade jersey jacket.  The necklace is one of my new obsessions – I got it from Macy’s and it coordinates perfectly with this outfit.  Macy’s by the way has Clinique Bonus Time on offer at the moment – I got a really cute make-up bag there with some fab samples today.

So what would you buy from

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2 thoughts on “Yes, yes, I know…enough already…

  1. Sue

    I daren’t browse Net a Porter too often – it’s fatal. But I do love your Guess Cardio boots – I’m now googling to try and find them in the UK! I want all your boots – they’re just up my street but I have to make do with my pair of Office Namesake ones for the time being – they’re holding up well as they do seem to go with everything. The Acne Pistols look fabulous – especially in the colour you’ve chosen. Major boot envy going on now. Hmmph.

  2. Diane

    I’ve bought two strapless jersey dresses from there before from a brand called splendid, they are gorgeous they were abut £120 each so not too bad, the black boxes they were delivered in did make the purchase feel more special, Net a porter have brilliant sales, and is my go to site for the new year sales, (no parking no queues, bliss!!) , my daughter who is 9 is a complete chatterbox, she thinks school is just an extension of her social life !! She’s always getting told to be quiet, but I think she is just destined for a more social people job when she’s older and not one which involves sitting in front of a computer screen all day.


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