School open house…

I’m grumpy.  Have a miserable cold and I was in bed at 7pm last night dosed up with NyQuil.  Head feels stuffed with cotton wool and I am warm and feel fuzzy – but not the good warm and fuzzy:(  This morning should have been more fun than it was.  We headed off to the elementary school for our open morning to get ready for Monday when term starts.  Last year I was hungover after my 40th – not good for meeting your kindergarten teacher for the first time – this year my senses were dulled due to cold medication…Not ideal for being bubbly and chatty and trying to remember parents’ names from the last time you met them.  I’m sure they must all think I’m weird by now.

Plus I’ve been dealing with the transportation department for our school district.  Lots of issues regarding bus drivers, times and routes – and somehow I managed to be volunteered as ‘bus mom’ for this year.  I’ll be passing that baton on next year for sure:)  So 20 or so calls placed with the Superintendent and the Director of transportation and guess how many returned calls – yup – zero.  Useless.  Not looking forward to that 6.44am bus stop on Monday.

Also Hugh is off today for ‘teacher work day’ so I am parenting 2 hyper children, solo, with a cold…brilliant.  Tempted to sit them in front of Disney all day while I drown my sorrows online shopping…but no supermom here has agreed to take them to the pool…madness, sheer utter insanity – someone cart me away now.

Anyway tried to dress the part of the uber cool, urban mom this morning and probably ended up looking like mutton though I did the mutton test with MM and he passed me.  Anyway as I said all the other parents probably think I’m weird anyway by now:)  So I am wearing my favorite Zara cargo pants and a Zara top bought in the sale, with Tory Burch black patent Eddie flats and a necklace from H&M.

Wish me luck at the pool!:)

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6 thoughts on “School open house…

  1. School Gate Style

    There is nothing mutton about this outfit – definitely cool, chic mum going on there. And you look lovely in that photo – bright and fresh – nothing like how you’re feeling. Hope you get through the day ok and enjoy an early night tonight with a hot, strong whiskey – cures all ills! Get better soon, Avril xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks for the mutton check:) I swear I felt worse yesterday morning than I did a year ago when I was chatting to people with a hangover…! Just replied to Pauline that Mr Whiskey and I no longer talk after he forced me into checking out my plumbing in the bathroom back in 1990 (sounds rude re-reading that – but I saw the toilet bowl put it that way!) – can’t even sniff the stuff these days without a Pavlovian reaction…I was an amateur drinking with Scotsmen:) I’m on the mend today – will try the limes again in the margaritas! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Whiskey and I haven’t been friends since 1990 when I ended up checking the plumbing out thanks to over imbibing!:) Not sure I can even sniff it anymore without waves of nausea lol – serves me right – I was drinking with Scotsmen – should have known better – I am not made from girders:) On the mend slowly but surely – thanks for the well wishes x

  2. dinagideon

    Oh, hon. I am so sorry. If I lived closer, I would be over there helping you in a heartbeat. I know what it is like to be super sick and having to care for multiple little ones, so exhausting.

    How in the world were you “volunteered” to do the bus mom stuff? Ugh. I can’t believe it…was it a situation of no one else volunteering and because you are super generous with your time, you sucked it up and volunteered yourself?

    I adore nyquil, but yeah, the reason for nyquil is being sick, so that stinks.

    This may be cold comfort, but you look really cute in that outfit!!! I especially love the pants!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Bless you! I think I was volunteered as we are the first stop on the route and yes I saw tumbleweed when the topic came up – all of a sudden I was alone lol…I don’t mind really – just wish our school district would respond to my calls – it is time consuming! The pants are fab and a bargain – really comfy and a lovely alternative to sweats for lying around the house:)


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