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MLK weekend.

Just 2 weeks have passed since we all went back to school and work and now we have a long weekend.  I respect everything Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished, but I wish he had been born later in the year.  Fortunately we have had a weekend full of activities ranging from haircuts to birthday parties to NFL games to walking up mountains.

Friday was very indulgent and 3 hours of it was spent sitting in the hair salon.  You wouldn’t believe how much hair came off – when you have short hair it’s still amazing how much shorter it can go!

Saturday started with my ‘free weights’ orientation at the gym.  My very buff instructor obviously knew what he was doing.  The way he threw the weights around looked easy.  I’m glad he is a gentle giant – he genuinely suppressed his amusement when I tried to emulate his moves, and even when I struggled just to change the weights on the bars.  Everyone has to start somewhere I guess!  He did offer to ‘spot’ for me as it can be ‘dangerous if you get stuck under the weights’ – heaven forbid that level of embarassment ever occurs!

Later that afternoon, with arms still feeling like jelly, we went off to a party for the children.  Now earlier in the day I swear I had ballet flats on, but once the sun started to lose its heat my feet were so cold I committed the fashion sin of wearing ankle boots and socks with cropped trousers.  Forgive me – I was past caring at this point.  So here I am wearing my J.Crew sale bargains that I got in NYC – the herringbone café capris (currently there is 40% off final sale prices using the code Get40).  I wore them with lots of Boden including the Must have jumper, the chic leather jacket and the Lightweight scarf in Multi Meadow is from the Spring collection.  I love the combination of bright and nude pinks.  The boots are the Guess Cardio – currently in the sale on Zappos.com!  (Remember to check out the Boden site again this week as there are new items with 20% off from the Spring collection that will stack with the 15% off with my banner ads).



Yesterday the Atlanta Falcons had a major game to play – victory would result in a trip to the Superbowl for the first time in years.  Of course we didn’t win – but for a while it was fun believing we might.  I enjoyed a couple of beers watching the big screen and holding the sofa down – the game was closer than we thought it would be, which made it harder to lose:(

There’s been a lot of discussion on my friends’ blogs regarding boyfriend jeans recently and the quest for the perfect pair.  Kat at Doesmybumlook40 has written a couple of great posts with some good reviews, and Sue at SusieSoSo has also just posted on them – we’ve all added our 2 cents worth in comments.  I have 2 pairs of boyfriend jeans, both bought from Gap, bought in the sale about 3 years ago.  They still have the ‘sexy’ boyfriend jean – but I haven’t tried them on so can’t compare the cut to the ones I own.  I sized down in mine – a US 2 – there is no way in hell I am a US 2 – but it still makes me smile when I put these on:)  I just noticed too that Gap here in the US have a 30% off online code that ends today – GAPDEAL is the code.  I love my jeans – I roll them a couple of times at the ankle, and they are slouchy enough around the waist and butt without being, in my eyes, unflattering.  The Heartbreaker jumper is another J.Crew sale bargain, worn over a Boden Hampton t-shirt.  The ballet flats are the fabulous VInce Camuto fawna flats – again a sales bargain from over the Holiday period.  The croissant/pink color is still available in the sale in some sizes here at Nordstrom.



Now off to enjoy this extra day at home we have…I’m going to start it with a run then who knows what fun will ensue!


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Why I love Boden.

I’ve been wearing Boden since summer of 2009 and was, like many, introduced to their women’s line when I started buying Mini Boden for the children.  Their fabulous patterns and easy to wear cuts were what first appealed to me, and all my initial purchases were tunics, perfect as summer dresses here in the summer heat.  I have to say I was completely oblivious to any of the negative connotations that tend to be associated with the brand in the UK.  Some adjectives I’ve heard used are a long the lines of ‘frumpy’ and ‘mumsy’ – we all know the stereotype.  In my opinion though – and I am as guilty of this as anyone else – any item of clothing can be worn badly, or in an unflattering manner.  The art to dressing and keeping clothes stylish is in choosing the right shapes for your body and then styling them so they represent you.

I’m not convinced I’ve articulated myself well, but let me use myself as an example.  I am definitely not what I would consider ‘frumpy’ or ‘mumsy’ (feel free to shatter my illusions) but I wear A LOT of Boden.  Sometimes I wear all Boden, sometimes just an essential t-shirt layered under another brand’s sweater.  I pick items that I know can be styled and worn in what I consider to be a more ‘on trend’ fashion (in danger of disappearing up my backside here but bear with me).  Other times however, I want to look a little more conformist and will intentionally dress a little more staid, a prime example is for a PTA meeting when I want to ‘blend in’ (though I am feeling less and less like conforming for these events, and being more and more the ‘eccentric English bird’ that I am).  Boden works for all scenarios.

When I select an outfit I tend to pick one key piece that I want to wear then build the outfit around that item.  Today I wanted to wear my lovely Boden stripy jumper.  I had no idea that the entire ensemble would end up being Boden – in fact come to think of it brand plays little or no part in whether an item is picked from the closet that day.  The grey jumper led me immediately to look for some colorful trousers – of which I have many – but I picked out the Boden cyclamen skinny jeans (SS 2012) today, because randomly I had already applied a purpley pink lipstick!  The grey chic biker jacket (SS 2012 – sold out online) seemed like a no brainer with these two items.  The only non-Boden items are the H&M vest dress layered under the jumper for warmth, the Guess Cardio boots and the scarf which I was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law a few years ago.  Together I think this is a really fun outfit and a great way to take summer jeans into winter.  I feel anything but frumpy.

So again Boden I thank you for providing great quality, stylish, classic items that can be worn by women of any age and in her own style.  Your prices aren’t too bad either with a discount code;)  I’ll always have a soft spot for you – I just hope to see more tunics appear for SS 2013!

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Yes, yes, I know…enough already…

…I harped on the other week about not buying anything and being more restrained etc. etc. I should just keep my big mouth shut, as I know by now – as do you – that I welcome an austerity plan as well as the Greeks do.  I failed in a major way today – not just a little slip up but a colossal u-turn.  Though I did return some items that I had ordered recently to alleviate my guilt.  I have to say it is a very slippery slope from here – all the way down to an empty wallet for the rest of the year.  I have – ta-daaa – discovered the joys of net-a-porter.com.

I have stayed away from it for so long mainly due the large price tags associated with every item on there.  MM loves MrPorter.com and is a huge proponent of quality over quantity.  It dawned on me the other morning that in September I bought shed loads – most of which I’ll rarely wear and will end up on eBay.  For the same price as the three pairs of boots sitting in my closet I could in fact purchase a fabulous pair of Acne Pistols and have some change to boot (no pun intended).  So I did.  Here they are, and they are winging their way to me as we speak.

Oh joy, oh woe – I have fallen in love with about 20 items on net-a-porter.com today and have a feeling I may need to auction off a kidney soon.

This morning was spent at a teacher conference with my daughter’s teacher – academically she is doing great, socially – darn those genes – she is like me and ‘chatty’ – a very polite way of phrasing it.  Two ears, one mouth – let’s try and use them proportionally – hmm – never worked for me.

I dressed to impress in my grey Gap jeans, grey Guess Cardio boots, grey H&M slouch top bought in the UK and my Zara jade jersey jacket.  The necklace is one of my new obsessions – I got it from Macy’s and it coordinates perfectly with this outfit.  Macy’s by the way has Clinique Bonus Time on offer at the moment – I got a really cute make-up bag there with some fab samples today.

So what would you buy from net-a-porter.com?

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