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Why I love Boden.

I’ve been wearing Boden since summer of 2009 and was, like many, introduced to their women’s line when I started buying Mini Boden for the children.  Their fabulous patterns and easy to wear cuts were what first appealed to me, and all my initial purchases were tunics, perfect as summer dresses here in the summer heat.  I have to say I was completely oblivious to any of the negative connotations that tend to be associated with the brand in the UK.  Some adjectives I’ve heard used are a long the lines of ‘frumpy’ and ‘mumsy’ – we all know the stereotype.  In my opinion though – and I am as guilty of this as anyone else – any item of clothing can be worn badly, or in an unflattering manner.  The art to dressing and keeping clothes stylish is in choosing the right shapes for your body and then styling them so they represent you.

I’m not convinced I’ve articulated myself well, but let me use myself as an example.  I am definitely not what I would consider ‘frumpy’ or ‘mumsy’ (feel free to shatter my illusions) but I wear A LOT of Boden.  Sometimes I wear all Boden, sometimes just an essential t-shirt layered under another brand’s sweater.  I pick items that I know can be styled and worn in what I consider to be a more ‘on trend’ fashion (in danger of disappearing up my backside here but bear with me).  Other times however, I want to look a little more conformist and will intentionally dress a little more staid, a prime example is for a PTA meeting when I want to ‘blend in’ (though I am feeling less and less like conforming for these events, and being more and more the ‘eccentric English bird’ that I am).  Boden works for all scenarios.

When I select an outfit I tend to pick one key piece that I want to wear then build the outfit around that item.  Today I wanted to wear my lovely Boden stripy jumper.  I had no idea that the entire ensemble would end up being Boden – in fact come to think of it brand plays little or no part in whether an item is picked from the closet that day.  The grey jumper led me immediately to look for some colorful trousers – of which I have many – but I picked out the Boden cyclamen skinny jeans (SS 2012) today, because randomly I had already applied a purpley pink lipstick!  The grey chic biker jacket (SS 2012 – sold out online) seemed like a no brainer with these two items.  The only non-Boden items are the H&M vest dress layered under the jumper for warmth, the Guess Cardio boots and the scarf which I was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law a few years ago.  Together I think this is a really fun outfit and a great way to take summer jeans into winter.  I feel anything but frumpy.

So again Boden I thank you for providing great quality, stylish, classic items that can be worn by women of any age and in her own style.  Your prices aren’t too bad either with a discount code;)  I’ll always have a soft spot for you – I just hope to see more tunics appear for SS 2013!

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How many skinny jeans does a girl need?

5 years ago I would never have imagined that my staple wardrobe piece would be my skinny jeans.  I always wore boot cut and felt way too paranoid to wear such tight fitting jeans.  They brought back memories of pinstripe and bleached skinny jeans from the early 80s that I had to fasten lying on the bed, sometimes using a coat hanger hooked to the fly to get enough leverage to fasten the damn things they were so tight!  Then after putting on weight with my pregnancies the word ‘skinny’ just was not enticing enough for me to want to try them.  Then once I started running it became apparent that my legs might be an area of my body to enhance rather than conceal and now my Hudsons are my ‘go to’ trousers.  I’ve since been branching out into colored jeans and printed jeans though I tend to spend far less on these as I don’t think they’ll be around forever.

I’m still waiting for the leopard print and snakeskin jeans from H&M to make an appearance in my local store – I’m hoping they should appear soon as the snakeskin ones have even been featured in the August issue of Real Simple.

In the mean time I found some delicious pink jeans there for $30!  They are super soft, stretchy and REALLY comfortable – they looked fab on Saturday night when we went out to dinner with friends. I wore them with my Zara floral jacket, Zara top from the sale for $25, Banana Republic nude Jacky pumps from 3 years ago (?) and my Steve Madden ruffle clutch.  I loved the outfit and it felt so summery – a great jacket does wonders for a pair of jeans.  Thrilled with my new shorter haircut too – O’Neil is a genius:)

I’m still looking for the perfect blush/nude pink and have seen these here at Express but I think they are overpriced compared to elsewhere, so my brighter pink ones will do for now.  I think a blush color will be perfect and could be worn into the Fall whereas the brighter pink is definitely more summery.

Which have been your favorite skinny jeans this summer?

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Fabulous Louella!

One of the real joys of writing this blog is how many new friends and connections I have made through it.  I love hearing from people regardless as to whether they have something good or bad to say.  I especially love hearing from people who want to share their style or inspiration too!  The fabulous Louella contacted me after my post the other day regarding the Boden cyclamen skinny jeans – it’s quite amazing how many people decided to take the plunge and try them even if they didn’t work out.  Louella is a working mum of two boys in the South of England, and as you can see the jeans obviously worked a treat for Louella as she looks amazing in them!  Louella says she normally stays clear of Boden, but she is a perfect example of how fun it can be to try a new brand, even if you, like Louella, are put off by paying to return items in the sale.  I will mention, as I did to Louella, that if you ordered during the season with an offer for free shipping and returns and received a free return label – keep it!  I keep all mine to use in the sale so I don’t have to worry about paying for return postage – and it’s worked so far.  As for Louella I’m thrilled she ordered them and I think the color of the jeans looks amazing with her beautiful olive skin.  Louella is a runner too so can carry those skinnies off perfectly!  Personally I love the shoes too!

I paired mine with the Zara butterfly top and Louella managed to get hold of the Zara dragonfly top – again it looks gorgeous on her and I really hope the weather improves back in Blighty so she actually gets to wear it with the black shorts she has modeled here – look at those toned legs!:

Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us all Louella – great inspiration – and I hope you had the best birthday today!

If you would like to share any photos with me or be featured on the blog please send an email to joanna@poppys-style.com – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

One parting word today – I want to thank Beth from Style Guile for mentioning me in her blogger round up on BritMums today – it’s an honour to be included and I am glad my blogging ‘voice’ conveys my ‘zest for life’:)

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Boden sale haul!

Oh goodness words cannot describe how happy I am with my sale haul.  Let’s take this step by step…

Chic leather biker jacket

This jacket is just lovely as I had hoped – I’ve had my eye on it all season.  The leather is so soft and the grey is a perfect neutral that goes with anything and everything from jeans to dresses to shorts – love it and worth every penny in the sale.  I ordered my usual US 6 and it fits great across the back and shoulders and in the arms – a little snug around my ample midriff but I’m unlikely to ever wear it fastened.

Skinny jeans

I ordered these as a ‘oh let’s just try them’ as I have never ordered Boden jeans before, and tend to stick with my faithful Gap and Hudson brands, but I loved the cyclamen and quail egg colors so much that I needed to see them.  I am so glad I did.  Again I ordered in my regular US 6 and they are a higher waist than my Hudsons but really comfy – they are a tad snug when first pulled on but I’ve been wearing them for an hour or so now and they are just perfect.  Thrilled with them.

Sorry for the grainy photos – lighting isn’t great!

Florence tunic

I ordered both the fennel and the navy for a pop of color and something classic.  They are a little thinner and a little shorter than last years chic linen tunic but I love them all the same.  With nude shapewear underneath I can wear them as dresses though they are sheer – I’ll keep my legs together.  I just love how summery they feel – they’d be great with leggings too if you are in cooler climates!  No photos yet but will sort that out for you:)

Bloom Beach bag

Just fabulous – HUGE and colorful – with a gorgeous turquoise lining – I love it.  Will stay dry by the pool and look fantastic – wish I’d bought this sooner but I can’t wait to take it to Kyrenia next year!

Jersey striped scarf

I have to say this is the hit of the haul – I hadn’t even considered it until Avril at School Gate Style put it on her wish list – but it is my most favorite item of the lot.  It’s large, drapey, soft and a fabulous grey with a trim of color.  It can be worn all year and will be perfect for transatlantic flights back home – I just love it and want all the other colors too!  Get it while you can for $24 it is fabulous.

So today I am wearing my gorgeous cyclamen jeans and they feel great – perfect for a rainy summer day in Atlanta.  I’ve paired them with my Zara butterfly top and I know butterflies and birds are omnipresent right now but I love this top and it was all of $36!  The navy one with collar is in the sale right now online for $19.99.  I think my turquoise Tory Burch Emmy sandals look fun with the jeans but maybe it’s too much color?  All topped off with my cream J.Crew light weight cashmere cardigan – it’s chilly in my air conditioned office!

Oh and I forgot to mention the gorgeous little touch from Boden – they slipped in a little notebook in one of my parcels – room to take notes plus some splendid quirky English tips like interpreting English English for Americans:)  One of my favorite Facebook pages is http://www.facebook.com/quitepeckish who serve up quaint little English tidbits daily – it’s fun.

What have been your favorite Boden sale purchases?

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Boden Summer Sale.

Yes the Boden sale has started!  First I’m going to get it off my chest – I am sick to death of the bitching and moaning on the Boden Facebook page.  I don’t understand where the sense of entitlement comes from.  Boden is a company, out to make money and yes they want to listen to their customers and increase sales, but they certainly don’t have to start a sale on demand, nor, if they don’t have to, offer huge deep discounts.  Some people want something for nothing – so go on feel free to spend your money at Joules and White Stuff instead.  Only a couple of people, who appear to share my opinions, mentioned the numerous discounts that Boden offer throughout the season.  And as for complaining about lack of stock well that is just silly – that’s what a sale/clearance is all about – getting rid of it all – and hurrah for Boden if they managed to sell out of certain lines before the sale!

Phew – feel better now.  So after my post the other day about saving my money for the house etc.  I immediately failed and went and bought some fab items in the sale.  Even my little brother couldn’t resist a dig on my Poppy’s Style Facebook page🙂  Be quiet little bro’!

The first item I am so excited about, and Beth over at Style Guile featured it in her blog yesterday – the Chic leather jacket from the Limited Edition collection.  I’ve had my eye on it all season and nearly bought it discounted but decided to hold out.  I don’t think it is any cheaper here in the sale than with the discount code, but I knew it would disappear fast so snapped up my regular size.  I hope the US 6 works as LE tend to be a tad on the snug side but a couple of reviews said the arms were quite loose and I’ve found, with jackets at least, that the 8 drowns my shoulders – so fingers crossed this works out!  I love the color and it will look great over my AllSaints jumpers in the Fall.

Most of the items I bought I have actually been lusting over for a while – the oil cloth beach bag in bloom was actually on my Summer preview order but I cancelled it after getting the Beachcomber bag in the quail egg union jack instead.  The Beachcomber bag is great but it does get wet by the pool so I’m hoping the oil cloth bag will handle the splashing better.

I also had the Florence tunic on my summer preview order and again cancelled it as I just felt I had way too many tunics to choose from – I still do – but the sale price is too good to pass over and I love the classic navy and fennel colors.  I have the linen drawstring tunics from last year that I got in the sale in which I love worn as short dresses so I hope the Florence tunic lives up to expectations!

Now for the spontaneous, throw them in the cart, type purchases.  The first caught my eye after Avril at SchoolGateStyle.com picked it out here – the jersey scarf, but in grey melange.  A color that can be worn throughout the year – and hopefully it’s lovely and soft – definitely a bargain at $24.00!

Finally I nabbed the skinny jeans in cylcamen and quail egg.  I really think these colors can be worn throughout the year too and styled with long baggy jumpers or with the biker jacket they will look great – I’m certainly not keen on how Boden have styled them in the photos – but with a bit of imagination I think they can look a little ‘cooler’.  I’ve never bought jeans from Boden before so thought I’d give them a whirl as the reviews were pretty good.  I went with my usual size 6 as there is 3 % elastane in them and I find that jeans give quite a bit with wear – I only wash jeans after 4 or 5 wears so fingers crossed they work out well!

What did you all order?

Again I am suffering with the lack of a full length mirror and this morning all my photographers had left plus I worked out so got ready at the Y – and why oh why no full length mirror at the Y??  Anyway I am wearing my Tory Burch Emmy sandals in turquoise – I love them with tanned feet!  I bought them earlier this year and this is the first time I’ve worn them – so happy with them and given my funny feet they work well as there are no straps for my toes to get stuck over or between!  With them I’m wearing my white Express cropped jeans, my new white H&M top purchased back in England, which I love and it hides a multitude of sins, and my Boden grey jersey jacket from last year.  The turquoise necklace is a cheap trick from Target.

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All grown up.

I think my daughter gained 6 years this morning, and all she did was put on a a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans.  It was only the other day that I was bemoaning the sticker earrings and now I have bought her some on-trend jeans that make her legs look longer than telegraph poles.  She does, I have to say, look fabulous in them, but she’s not even six yet and she seems to be gaining maturity weekly right now – where did my babies go?  Of course my son also had his new boy’s skinny jeans on too, but we don’t seem to be quite so precious about him growing up – in fact I’m willing him on!  He’s going to break some hearts one day – he’s such a dude:)  All Old Navy denim is currently on sale so it’s definitely worth a peak for the little ones.

Feeling well and truly over my cold I headed out for a run this morning in my new Adidas Techfit capris.  They were so comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was having to hitch them up all the time like some running pants – plus the print is super cool.  With all my knee problems that I have experienced there is definitely some psychological benefit in having them covered and supported.  My friend has recommended the CEP compression sleeves – she swears by them for distances so I have just purchased a pink pair on Zappos.com to try them out.  If I feel some benefit I’ll no doubt get the green too – I’m sure they will be fine to wear with shorts in the summer.  You certainly won’t miss me in these and my New Balance rainbow sneakers!

Adidas Techfit caprisCEP sleeves

My motivational tune this morning was provided by Steve Earle – nothing like a resounding rendition of “Copperhead Road” to get the blood flowing – especially as it always takes me back to seeing him live years ago.  It also reminds me of our many weekends in Nashville pre-kids.  There was a cover band (who are probably still there) in one of the bars that always played “Copperhead Road” when requested, awesome with a cold can of PBR!

Today I am giving a nod to Kate who was out and about the other day looking stunning in her walnut-coloured Orla Kiely ‘Birdie’ coat dress, worn with brown tights and brown Aquatalia ankle boots.  The Orla Kiely dress sold out in minutes after she was photographed in it not surprisingly.  I am wearing my Boden Retro tunic, M&S brown tights and Boden brown piped shoe boots, finished off with my Boden brown leather blazer again.  Not quite Duchess material, but let’s see if I can grow out my hair and emulate her luscious locks lol!

Boden Retro tunic