Another 13.1 done…

So another half marathon successfully completed.  Still a tad slower than I had hoped for but the course yet again had far more hills than the profile had led me to believe.  It was also one of those courses where you ran backwards and forwards along the same 3 points so you could always see the faster folk running past you the other way – just a little demoralizing!  I much prefer a nice long loop where you have no idea how many are in front of you or behind you!  It was won by a 26 year old girl (it was an all female race – I prefer mixed) in 1hr 31mins – amazing.  The last 2 miles seem to go on FOREVER but thankfully my reception committee was there to cheer me across the line.  The weather was amazing and we got to relax afterward with music and wine by the side of Lake Lanier.  I shuffled around the house for the rest of the day – my knees got really tight – but I’m feeling pretty good today after a good stretch and using my foam roller.  I have to wait till Wednesday to see if I get an NYC marathon number before planning another half.  My goal now is to get leaner, toned, stronger, faster and more competitive – my next 13.1 will be under 2hrs!

My outfit today was inspired by the need to be comfy and by School Gate Style’s color palette.  I love pink and grey together – MM always says it’s my love of the ’80s.  I’m wearing my Hudson Collin jeans (mid-rise today for added comfort!), grey ruffle J.Crew tank from a few seasons ago, pink Boden LE sparkle pocket cardigan from AW 2011, and my favorite Tory Burch camilla pink Eddies.

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6 thoughts on “Another 13.1 done…

  1. Running in Mommyland

    We must wait until Wednesday! Ay yay yay!!!

    The marathon was the same as your race, where you could see the faster people run back past you. Not sure it was so great for the motivation… a loop is nice!

  2. dinagideon

    You are wearing my SAHM “uniform” here, gorgeous colored cardi, interesting tank top, fitted jeans, and ballet flats. I am glad that I discovered School Gate Style through your blog and FB, she is wonderful!

    Yeah, you runners running are amazing to me. Especially if you know that you are being lapped, ugh. In swimming (my preferred sport) when you are lapped, you barely notice owing to all that water and stuff…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Isn’t she fabulous! I love her blog and she is so much fun to chat with:)

      I don’t mind swimming but I’m pretty rubbish at all strokes except breast stroke – I don’t really see a tri in my future lol!


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