Fabulous Louella!

One of the real joys of writing this blog is how many new friends and connections I have made through it.  I love hearing from people regardless as to whether they have something good or bad to say.  I especially love hearing from people who want to share their style or inspiration too!  The fabulous Louella contacted me after my post the other day regarding the Boden cyclamen skinny jeans – it’s quite amazing how many people decided to take the plunge and try them even if they didn’t work out.  Louella is a working mum of two boys in the South of England, and as you can see the jeans obviously worked a treat for Louella as she looks amazing in them!  Louella says she normally stays clear of Boden, but she is a perfect example of how fun it can be to try a new brand, even if you, like Louella, are put off by paying to return items in the sale.  I will mention, as I did to Louella, that if you ordered during the season with an offer for free shipping and returns and received a free return label – keep it!  I keep all mine to use in the sale so I don’t have to worry about paying for return postage – and it’s worked so far.  As for Louella I’m thrilled she ordered them and I think the color of the jeans looks amazing with her beautiful olive skin.  Louella is a runner too so can carry those skinnies off perfectly!  Personally I love the shoes too!

I paired mine with the Zara butterfly top and Louella managed to get hold of the Zara dragonfly top – again it looks gorgeous on her and I really hope the weather improves back in Blighty so she actually gets to wear it with the black shorts she has modeled here – look at those toned legs!:

Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us all Louella – great inspiration – and I hope you had the best birthday today!

If you would like to share any photos with me or be featured on the blog please send an email to joanna@poppys-style.com – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

One parting word today – I want to thank Beth from Style Guile for mentioning me in her blogger round up on BritMums today – it’s an honour to be included and I am glad my blogging ‘voice’ conveys my ‘zest for life’:)

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