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10 more miles.

I must start by thanking Elaine, my pacer, for running with me yesterday morning.  We had an amazing 10 mile run.  I normally run on my own and it is so nice to have a partner on a longer run.  Somehow we both seem to know when the other is struggling a little and needs to kick it up a gear.  We sprinted up the hills and really dug deep with what seemed like a great pace.  Unfortunately we didn’t time ourselves – it was intentional – but now I wish we had done as I feel like we were flying.  Maybe it was my pre-run chia seed drink?  Coincidence or not I’ll definitely be drinking it before the half on Sunday.  I LOVE my CEP compression sleeves too.  I ran in them then wore them all day and I had no swelling at all, I really appreciated the extra support they give my calves.  Maybe I need some compression tights?  It has to be said that I was fit for nothing for the rest of the day – I was completely drained.  After consuming my body weight in carbs I spent the day shuffling from one sofa to another and then hit the sack at 9pm which was still really only 8pm due to the clocks changing!

I nipped into Ulta this morning – luckily for me, unluckily for my bank balance, there is one around the corner from the office.  They are having their 21 days of Beauty event, and though I don’t usually need an excuse to shop there, there are some fabulous deals on which I don’t want to miss.  Today they are having a Philosophy event and I grabbed myself a Peel Party kit for $39 plus I got a free Philosophy gift with it too, on top of that you get $3.50 of any $10 purchase so I walked away with an arm full of goodies for some spring pampering.  Keep an eye out for the flyers and the various offers each day – there are some real bargains to be had.

I can pat myself on the back too as I have remembered Mothering Sunday in the UK is this Sunday!  I’m so excited I remembered.  Normally I forget and my poor Mum has to wait till May for the US one, but something triggered me to remember this year and I’ve successfully ordered a gift – can’t tell you what as Mum reads this – Hi Mum!!

This morning I was still hobbling around with sore thighs so wanted something comfy to wear.  It might also be my last day in a sweater for a while as the forecast is for 80 degrees for the rest of the week.  I’m wearing my Hudson Signature Collin jeans and AllSaints Itat shrug in black (I have it in vintage marl too), with my Tory Burch Eddies in black.  I tried to create a little quiff with my bangs this morning too – it must be okay as MM immediately noticed an paid me a compliment…not a bad start on a Monday morning:)

AllSaints Itat Shrug


All grown up.

I think my daughter gained 6 years this morning, and all she did was put on a a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans.  It was only the other day that I was bemoaning the sticker earrings and now I have bought her some on-trend jeans that make her legs look longer than telegraph poles.  She does, I have to say, look fabulous in them, but she’s not even six yet and she seems to be gaining maturity weekly right now – where did my babies go?  Of course my son also had his new boy’s skinny jeans on too, but we don’t seem to be quite so precious about him growing up – in fact I’m willing him on!  He’s going to break some hearts one day – he’s such a dude:)  All Old Navy denim is currently on sale so it’s definitely worth a peak for the little ones.

Feeling well and truly over my cold I headed out for a run this morning in my new Adidas Techfit capris.  They were so comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was having to hitch them up all the time like some running pants – plus the print is super cool.  With all my knee problems that I have experienced there is definitely some psychological benefit in having them covered and supported.  My friend has recommended the CEP compression sleeves – she swears by them for distances so I have just purchased a pink pair on Zappos.com to try them out.  If I feel some benefit I’ll no doubt get the green too – I’m sure they will be fine to wear with shorts in the summer.  You certainly won’t miss me in these and my New Balance rainbow sneakers!

Adidas Techfit caprisCEP sleeves

My motivational tune this morning was provided by Steve Earle – nothing like a resounding rendition of “Copperhead Road” to get the blood flowing – especially as it always takes me back to seeing him live years ago.  It also reminds me of our many weekends in Nashville pre-kids.  There was a cover band (who are probably still there) in one of the bars that always played “Copperhead Road” when requested, awesome with a cold can of PBR!

Today I am giving a nod to Kate who was out and about the other day looking stunning in her walnut-coloured Orla Kiely ‘Birdie’ coat dress, worn with brown tights and brown Aquatalia ankle boots.  The Orla Kiely dress sold out in minutes after she was photographed in it not surprisingly.  I am wearing my Boden Retro tunic, M&S brown tights and Boden brown piped shoe boots, finished off with my Boden brown leather blazer again.  Not quite Duchess material, but let’s see if I can grow out my hair and emulate her luscious locks lol!

Boden Retro tunic