How many skinny jeans does a girl need?

5 years ago I would never have imagined that my staple wardrobe piece would be my skinny jeans.  I always wore boot cut and felt way too paranoid to wear such tight fitting jeans.  They brought back memories of pinstripe and bleached skinny jeans from the early 80s that I had to fasten lying on the bed, sometimes using a coat hanger hooked to the fly to get enough leverage to fasten the damn things they were so tight!  Then after putting on weight with my pregnancies the word ‘skinny’ just was not enticing enough for me to want to try them.  Then once I started running it became apparent that my legs might be an area of my body to enhance rather than conceal and now my Hudsons are my ‘go to’ trousers.  I’ve since been branching out into colored jeans and printed jeans though I tend to spend far less on these as I don’t think they’ll be around forever.

I’m still waiting for the leopard print and snakeskin jeans from H&M to make an appearance in my local store – I’m hoping they should appear soon as the snakeskin ones have even been featured in the August issue of Real Simple.

In the mean time I found some delicious pink jeans there for $30!  They are super soft, stretchy and REALLY comfortable – they looked fab on Saturday night when we went out to dinner with friends. I wore them with my Zara floral jacket, Zara top from the sale for $25, Banana Republic nude Jacky pumps from 3 years ago (?) and my Steve Madden ruffle clutch.  I loved the outfit and it felt so summery – a great jacket does wonders for a pair of jeans.  Thrilled with my new shorter haircut too – O’Neil is a genius:)

I’m still looking for the perfect blush/nude pink and have seen these here at Express but I think they are overpriced compared to elsewhere, so my brighter pink ones will do for now.  I think a blush color will be perfect and could be worn into the Fall whereas the brighter pink is definitely more summery.

Which have been your favorite skinny jeans this summer?

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2 thoughts on “How many skinny jeans does a girl need?

  1. Diane

    I love the colour of those jeans Jo, I haven’t yet ventured to buying any coloured jeans yet, thought I might wait until the autumn for some of the darker coloured jeans I think I would feel a little bit more comfortable, but I do like them on other people, you should do a round up of what your friends wear as well ( as long as they don’t mind of course) , not that I’m incredibly nosy or anything lol . Actually a gorgeous warm day here in Manchester today, here’s to the start of our summer (finally)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – a fun idea Diane! Though I have to say a lot of my ‘mom friends’ don’t work and tend to live in workout gear – I don’t blame them to be honest with the heat…dressing for 90 degree heat is far more challenging than colder weather! I keep hearing about all the great weather that has finally arrived for you guys…I expect everyone is stripping off to expose milky white skin:) Enjoy it while it lasts! x


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