Carrot and stick approach.

So school starts back on the 6th August – ridiculously early in my opinion but we have been off since May 22nd so Poppy is definitely ready to get back into a routine.  She attended a first grade camp the other week to prepare her, and us, for the increased academic load of 1st grade.  Now much as I have tried to keep the reading going over the summer it became apparent that there has been some ‘it’s the summer and my brain is a sieve’ effect – hence I’ve stepped up the sight word practice, math and reading over the past week to appease my guilt and hopefully boost her confidence.  I always try to remain calm, patient and attentive and keep it light hearted and fun – i.e. I try to morph into what most would call a ‘reasonable person’.  Unfortunately Poppy is 50% me and 50% her Dad so can be prone to tantrums whilst being stubborn as a mule – great – a model pupil:)  So rather than threatening to remove all privileges if she doesn’t comply I am trying an approach that I know works well with me – bribery.  For every week that she completes her assigned activities she will receive $10 to spend as she wishes – or even save if she pleases – but I think that ‘save’ gene may be absent thanks to me.  We’ll see how the carrot approach works…but if her complaints about a week being to long to wait before being rewarded are anything to go by it’s still going to be a challenge.  Please send oodles of calm, serenity and patience my way for the next school year.

I’m very excited about the Olympics starting this week after going cold turkey this week – I’ve missed having a Tour de France stage to watch every evening…I thought I’d share this photo with you doing the rounds on the social networks.  It made me smile – my brother still calls me Eddie for various reasons:)

I’m wearing my gingham J.Crew shorts today with a pink Boden essential t-shirt that I got in the sale last year – it’s so soft I love it.  I paired them with a scarf that I think I got from Target but really can’t remember, and my Boden espadrilles from a couple of years ago.  Sorry about the wet hair just showered after a lovely 4 miles this morning!

Oh that reminds me of 2 additional sales purchases I received yesterday – 2 Blighty Boatnecks – highly recommended, though not massively reduced, they are quite thick and perfect for layering over a t-shirt in the cooler months – I love them.  I got the dusk and the quail egg and the quality is amazing.

Oh and Hugh’s stash of Fall items arrived – tartan baggies in all colors, half a dozen long sleeved t-shirts and a hoody.  Boden’s Mini Boden boys line is amazing – I particularly love the ketchup and scooter applique tees this year.  There’s some lovely girls stuff too but as Poppy is still in 5-6 I’m going to wait and see if she has a growth spurt to a 7-8 before ordering anything for her – she has plenty to choose from from last year.

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5 thoughts on “Carrot and stick approach.

  1. Susan

    Great Mini Boden haul! I made the mistake of letting my 5 year old son loose on the mini Boden catalog this morning to pick some new clothes for starting kindergarten and now we have over $300 worth of stuff in our cart! So many ts to choose from!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know – it is dangerous but there are some 15% codes floating around if you check their Facebook page! My son only wears Mini Boden and the resale value on eBay is great so I don’t worry too much – He’s all set now til Spring!:)

  2. Pauline McEllin Pichoff

    I’m a big fan of the carrot and stick approach – my kids are in middle and high school and I admit to paying for grades – $10 for an “A”, $5 for a “B” and a $1 for a “C” – with a $20 bonus for straight “A”s… like a charm and I can usually count on them getting at least 1 “B” so I’m not too out of pocket around report card season!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Good to hear Pauline! But maybe I’ve started too high at $10 in 1st Grade!!! I might try and back track to $5 a week lol:) Lucky for me one of her weak areas is recognizing US coins and notes – we always use debit cards! Poor kids they will struggle with US history too no doubt…there should be concessions for children born to citizens born elsewhere:)

      1. Pauline McEllin Pichoff

        I agree….my poor kids are out of luck on US and South Carolina history and then the focus on world history is slightly skewed to US involvement – no learning the wives of Henry The Eighth!!

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