I’m sorry but I hate decorating for Christmas.  I love the end result – but hate putting it all up and then taking it all down.  I just want the tree to magically appear perfectly dressed.  We always get our tree from a local school that uses the tree sale to raise funds for the PTA and each year we’ve had a beautiful 8ft pine in the house.  Now an 8ft tree takes a lot of decorating and for someone who is a tad OCD that is a lot of lining up, leveling, and gaps to fill to make sure that the ornaments and lights are appropriately positioned.  Nay fun for neither me, or the folks around me who have to deal with my OCD.  I love the idea of us all decorating it together, as a family – but in reality it gives me palpitations and anxiety beyond belief – especially if one area of the tree is overloaded with ornaments at Hugh’s height – meaning they are not located equidistant from one another around the tree.  Last year I actually left the country to avoid decorating the tree.  I happened to be in the UK and though I tried to provide instructions and directions via Skype, in the end I had to let MM take control and get on with it.  The tree arrives on Friday and both children are so excited to help decorate – the control freak in me is tempted to do it all before they get home – but that’s just mean isn’t it?

Yesterday I was late and dashing around so had to do a quick iPhone shot for you.  Jane left me a comment the other day about the AllSaints Bonny Cuban boots so I dug them out from the bottom of the boot pile.  They are a fun boot with plenty going on, what with fringes and buckles – they are also pretty darn comfy.  I love the taupe color they have in stock now too.  Building from the ground up I went with the Zara emerald green jeans, AllSaints Wasson dress layered over an H&M t-shirt dress, topped off with the Zara camouflage scarf and the Zara quilted leather jacket.  Perfect for a cold, comfy Tuesday.

You all know that I am a fan of Zara’s harem pants.  I wore these back in June then these here more recently.  They are definitely not to everyone’s taste – but personally I love them as an alternative to skinny trousers and jeans.  The only issue I have with these pairs is that they are quite dressy and silky – not ideal for office wear – well not in my very relaxed office anyway.  Fortunately I found these herringbone pants – less harem – more just cuffed trousers – but they are so comfy, and even better they are warm – plus they have an elastic waist!  I think they will be great for traveling in as an alternative to sweatpants.  Today I paired them with a Zara camo top (my I do like my camouflage), Sam Edelman Petty boots in burgundy (they appear to be sold out on after Cyber Monday) and a Zara scarf.

Have you got your tree up yet?  Do you decorate as a family?

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14 thoughts on “Decorating.

  1. Jane Smith

    Thanks soo much for doing a photo of the Bonny Boot, you’ve given me ideas of how to wear mine. Don’t want to look mutton, and as I’m in my early 40’s think I would in the All Saints Military boots. Saving for Acne Pistols and Rag and Bone Newbury, Like you have. Think they would be an investment, re £ for wear. What’s your best £ for wear investment ? What’s your take on the Zara ‘homage’ to Stella McCartney Falabella bag ? I dro over it but can’t justify the price tag for ‘pleather’ I could buy in Primark. Love your emerald Zara jeans and your scarves. Thanks. Lots of love. Jane. Xx

  2. The Flaky Fashionista

    I completely relate to your OCD regarding decorating the tree. Definitely a time of year when my inner Monica rears her head! Love the second outfit – not usually a fan of harem pants, but those ones look really stylish and comfy. What’s not to love about that combination?!

  3. Sue

    I totally relate about being a bit OCD and a bit Monica about the tree decorating. I tried my best to let Ben get involved last year but even the Grumps muttered something about it being dreadful and could it just be redone before he woke up. See – we’re all the same. I’ve got those herringbone pants winging their way to me as well. I thought they were really cute and a bit different – I’ve got to wear something other than boyfriend jeans … but I don’t suit skinnies, not with my carrot tops. I love the last outfit – I would totally wear that.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ooooh can’t wait to see them on you – I hope you love them – they are really nice – the fabric is lovely too. They fit tiny though – I had to exchange the Ms for the Large as the Ms were like skinny pants on me! xx

  4. Jane Gilbert

    I definitely find dressing the tree easier than dressing myself…but I’m getting better at the latter (I think)
    Thanks for all the style inspiration on your blog, I just love the way you mix colours and textures.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you Jane:) Thanks for commenting – I’ll pop over to your blog and see what you are up to! x

  5. Martha Merrill Wills

    My tree would just drive you over the edge… Ornaments all in one area… the top half is naked. Next year I’ll worry about it. BTW… I love the harem pants! And the bonny boots! You make everything look chic!

  6. Martina Walsh

    fab outfits, as usual, but seriously, lighten up about the Christmas tree, it’s so much more fun if you just give in to it & let the kids do their thing, put on some Christmas music, pour a glass of wine & let go…..

  7. Style At Every Age

    Like you I love the end result but hate putting the tree up. Luckily my middle daughter is quite artistic and now she is no longer at Uni she can do it, although she doesn’t know it yet! I love those Harems, they are not too extreme and don’t remind me of MC Hammer at all!! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you! And MC Hammer was on tv here the other night with Psy – they might make a come back in a bigger way now:) xx


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