‘Tis the season for competition.

Every year we add to the list of our Family Traditions at Christmas.  In recent years a tradition that has become more and more popular, is to head out for a drive after dark and take a look at all the wonderful National Lampoon style Christmas lights that adorn the houses around Atlanta.  It’s a bit like our version of the Blackpool Illuminations that Mum and Dad used to take us to see years ago:)  This year it seems our neighborhood has significantly upped their game.  A little friendly neighborly competition maybe?  There are Antebellum columns wrapped as candy canes, herds of deer lit up, and several Santa legs sticking out of chimneys.  One of the easiest (if you don’t mind heights) to set up, and most fun was spotted this morning on our school run – I was in the line for the lights – don’t worry no hands free driving here…just so Santa knows where to go…

It was time for my indulgent morning at the salon again today.  Five weeks comes around quickly – one of the drawbacks, or welcome pleasures, of short hair – depending on whether you focus on the money you part with, or on the relaxing pampering that you receive.

I wore my Zara leopard print khaki pants and khaki chunky sweater (not found online), with a long line H&M black vest dress layered underneath.  The boots are my fabulous Newburys and the scarf is also H&M.

Given how much time I spend on the Zara website it is no surprise that the inspiration for today’s haircut came from their TRF Lookbook.  I just think this girl looks stunning.  Her boyish cut really appeals to me and given how difficult the red is to maintain I shared this image with both my colorist and hairdresser.

Unfortunately they were not able to provide me with her stunning, gamine features but I’m pretty pleased with the cut and color.  Very happy in fact.


Now time to celebrate the new haircut with a glass of plonk.  Happy weekend y’all!

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14 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for competition.

  1. School Gate Style

    Loving those jeans – great colours and you’ve styled them impeccably. And GREAT hair – seriously lovely. Enjoy your wine – I’m on the dry tonight thanks to a little overindulgence last night….has been a LONG day! lol xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      And they are unbelievably comfortable – I love khaki. Hair of the dog might help? I’ve been dry all week – trying to reduce my calorie intake but the peppermint bark and cookies that we have in the house aren’t helping – this time of year is a minefield! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yep the red was definitely verging on pink towards the end of 5 weeks – it started to look a bit trashy….if I do it again I think I’d need a more frequent refresh…and that’s not how I want to spend my money right now:)! xx

  2. Martina Walsh

    Your hair is really fab, I also love the dark green outfit too, the whole ensemble looks “bang on” (i’m sure there’s a hipper way if saying this but… It’s beyond me) .

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Beyond me too Martina:) I love khaki and these make a great alternative to camo pants. Hope I can style my hair myself today – can’t be too tricky when there is so little of it…

  3. Sue

    Oooh love the colour of your hair. And I do love that Zara picture. There’s one of her modelling a lovely stripy jumper which I hunted down because she looked so lovely in it. I tried it on and it did monster shedding on me. Aaarhghghg. I put it back even though it was a lovely fit. I found that “illumination” hilarious – someone’s got a GSOH at least. Anyway, I’m on the Earl Grey – I’m just a lightweight.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m happy with the color – she put a few highlights in the front too to break it up a bit. The green sweater I wore sheds a lot too but it is warm and goes with so much of my closet that I’m happy to put up with it! I’ve had a dry week so feel quite entitled to a glass or too this weekend:) xx

  4. Diane

    Love the hair and outfit. I love introducing new customs at this time of year , our tree has been up a week and the kids are getting beyond excited.
    Take care


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s fabulous isn’t it – I love including some traditions that we did with our own parents and then adding new ones:) I hope Santa is good to you all this year xx

    1. Kets

      Love the look and the hair! Totally inspires me to try a shorter cut and get rid of my long brunette locks. Can’t decide whether the washing and blow dry for my long hair is more maintenance or regularly trimming a short haircut?!!


      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Hi Kets! Short hair is quite a bit of maintenance – not only the frequent cuts – but also I think it needs more styling. With long hair I could leave it to dry and it would be fine but with short hair I don’t feel polished unless I’ve styled it every day. I must say though that it does make me feel more polished and put together having short hair. I can’t see me ever going through the trials of growing it again! Try it – you just might find you love it – and if you do be sure to send me a photo!! xx

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