Kristen Taekman of RHONY

New York is my favorite Real Housewives franchise, closely followed by Orange County and Beverly Hills.  The new series of the RHONY has provided me with a new style crush – Kristen Taekman.



(image –

She is a genius at mixing high and low end labels and many of her clothes are high street brands such as Zara and H&M.  She always looks so chic, on trend and put together – and totally appropriate for whatever contrived situation they throw the ladies into!

I was smitten with one of her latest looks – a beautiful white maxi dress – seen in this video here.

After a little research I discovered it was Zara from last summer!  She looked stunning in it…I can only find show clips of her wearing it so the images are not great.

white zara dress

Here is the actual dress in case you find it on eBay!


I have found a couple similar that are available now – another here from Zara:

Zara 2014And this one from Mango which I have ordered to try – I think I prefer the simple straps on this one.


There’s also this one from ASOS.

ASOS white dress

Another dress which was featured on the same show was this gorgeous Alexander Wang khaki dress.

khaki dress

I patted myself on the back here as it is very similar to this stunning dress from Asos which is hanging in my closet, and which is now on sale here!

ASOS dress


Kristen has her own website here which documents the clothes she wears on each show – it provides great inspiration – and I am amazed how many of the items are affordable for all of us!  You can also catch clips of the show here on

So go on ‘fess up – who is your favorite Real Housewife?


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6 thoughts on “Kristen Taekman of RHONY

  1. Keri Gray

    Surprise surprise I am lol! These shows kept me entertained when Luca was a baby and I wasn’t working or going out. Like you my faves are OC (Vicky oh my god – too funny)! and New York because Ramona and Sonia totally crack me up. I think we are a few series behind though in the UK and I even started to get addicted to the Hollywood one. Chris can’t stand them, so I have to Sky Plus and then watch in secret 🙂 x

  2. glamrosie

    Oooooh, I only ever knew about/watched the orange county one, I am so behind! She looks gorgeous! Some people just have a real knack for carrying off high st and making it look expensive, Olivia Palermo does it so well too. Off to do some real housewives research! x


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