2013 family vacation is underway.

We made it!  I have to admit I was exhausted before I even got on the plane.  Hugh and Poppy were so excited that the first thing they asked at 7am was ‘are we going yet’.  Only another 12 hours of waiting, and answering that question then!  Finally we were on our way, bags packed with what I know to be way too many clothes – I even managed to sneak some extra shoes in their bags;)  For the first time we actually departed from the new Atlanta International terminal.  In the past we have checked in there and then had to get the airport train all the way back to the old terminals which just seemed like a complete waste of time.  This time we got to explore the sparkly new terminal, with a food court to rival those of the best airports in the World.  I could quite happily have spent an hour or so in Ecco drinking wine and eating flatbread.  Instead we had homemade ham and cheese butties which I think Poppy and Hugh appreciated far more.


My travel attire: Trousers – James Perse cargo trousers (similar here) // T-shirt – Gap // Sneakers – Golden Goose (I ended up wearing my hi-tops though – a story for another time!)

IMG_4112 IMG_4114 IMG_4116 IMG_4119


After an hour delay due to bad weather we were on our way, finally!



We arrived yesterday to glorious weather in Bury.  So sunny in fact I managed to recover from my jet lag lying in the garden.  Just perfect!  I also got to try out my early birthday present from my Husband.  Looks like he picked up on my not-so-subtle hints.  My fabulous man presented me with a new Nikon D3200 before I left.  I am SO excited to have a great camera.  It’s the perfect entry level DSLR – even though it has all the bells and whistles, it has an ‘Auto’ setting for when I’m feeling lazy:)  I have, however, read the instructions and have tried out some of the various settings.

Nana and Grandad have converted their serene garden into Alton Towers.


I found the perfect objects for some still lifes:

DSC_0063 DSC_0072 DSC_0076


Unsurprisingly the weather here is ‘changeable’.  I started the morning with a run in the sun.  I’m not sure Bury rush hour traffic was ready for bright pink hot pants though.  I suddenly felt rather self conscious.

My bare arms have since been covered with a grey cashmere cardigan, and I’m adding layers as the morning progresses.

DSC_0078 DSC_0088 DSC_0090


T-shirt – Gap // Scarf – Marks and Spencer’s (from my last visit – has a bike printed on it – I love it! // Jeans – Gap // Ballet pumps – navy Tory Burch Eddie flats

We’re looking after cousin Alice today.  I’ve a feeling Nana and I will be on the wine soon.


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8 thoughts on “2013 family vacation is underway.

  1. avenue57

    Welcome Home! I absolutely LOVE those cargo trousers you were wearing for travelling, they look so comfy and yet stylish.
    I am more in love with the distressed jeans, with the yellow the whole outfit looks amazing


  2. Diane

    Glad you had a safe journey, what are your plans for whilst you are in England? I love your Gap T shirts. gap seemed to have really upped the anti for the past coup,e of seasons, I recently bought some fab neon ballet flats from there (I picked them up as I was shopping for the kids), I’ve previously always perceived their clothes as being a bit dull everyday wear, but they are great at the moment.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Just planning to catch up with family and maybe a couple of day trips to Skipton and Blackpool with the children – show them a bit of Northern culture:) It’s my sister’s birthday too while I’m here so some celebrating to do too! Gap are amazing this year – I’ve never owned so much from them – I think it’s the colors I’m drawn too – lots of fluoros! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      He is – he really is:) Need to practice a lot more with it – I get quite impatient and there are lots of settings to learn – but it’s fun to have a new gadget! xx

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  5. ToryBri

    Wow, this is an old post but still a great one. I was wearing my TB Eddies earlier today and thought of this post. They’re getting a bit worse for wear but I still love them.

    Hope you are doing well



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