My new dress.

This week has flown by.  My days have felt considerably shorter as I have been picking Hugh and Poppy up from camp at noon giving me just 3 hours in the office each day.  And now I’m done! I’m officially on vacation for 5 weeks!  Urgggh now the packing begins, two climates for four people in, what I consider to be small bags.  Help!

On Friday Poppy and I went to watch Hugh’s recital for Kindergarten camp.  She was thrilled to see her old teachers, and even more thrilled to be asked to help organize the kindergartners.

IMG_6796 IMG_6815


Trousers – Zara (no longer on website here) // Top – Boden Breton (Tops currently 30% off!) // Shoes – Tory Burch silver Eddie flats (similar here on sale)

Last night we booked the babysitter and headed out for dinner, before I abandon ship with the children.  We had booked a table at a new place in town – highly unusual for us to venture out of our comfort zone – but the rave reviews lured us in.  Unfortunately, after sitting at the bar for a drink, we quickly realized it wasn’t our kind of place!  The food may have been great – but the ambience just wasn’t for us.  So we hot footed it to the nearest cab and headed back to our favorite spot on the Westside, where we enjoyed some oysters and glorious views of the Atlanta skyline on a humid free summer night.  We were quite proud of ourselves for not staying and spending money on a dinner, while wishing we were elsewhere.

My new James Perse dress had arrived just in time too:)  I LOVE it.  The boots are Rag & Bone camel canvas Newbury boots.





I was lucky enough to spend my night with this hot guy.  Happy Father’s day my lovely, and thanks for making me pancakes this morning – I’m not sure that is how it is supposed to work on Father’s Day?:)




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5 thoughts on “My new dress.

  1. Martha Wills

    Just checked Fed Ex and my JP package arrives today. Yay!

    I love the neon stripey on you, too. I got the navy and cyan, but really want the one you have. The quality and fit are great. It’s between another long sleeve or the short sleeve that Avril has.

  2. Eve WornOut

    I love your new dress! It looks beautiful. I did smile to see you in the Zara trousers. I ummed and ahhed over them and sent them back because I wasn’t sure what to wear on top and white isn’t that compatible with my life atm. Seeing you in them looking so fab has made me wish I’d kept them!


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