Why Northern Cyprus?

In 1974 the Turks invaded Cyprus and the landscape of the island changed forever.  The South, ruled by the Greeks, is buzzing with resorts, tourists and night life.  The North, ruled by the Turks, is rural, lacking investment and still unrecognized by most of the World.  1974 is also the year that my Husband and his family were evacuated from Cyprus, and his father’s posting here with the British Government came to a sudden end.

My Husband’s love for Ancient History must stem from his time spent in this amazing country, which is filled with stories of Aphrodite, and ancient and medieval ruins.  The North is home to castles perched on the mountain tops where the wind howls and creates magical playgrounds for adventures and exploration.  Salamis, on the East coast, was one of the richest cities in the Mediterranean and is now a well preserved site where you can wander back in time.

It’s an emotional place for my Husband to visit.  As he tearfully told me when we were landing yesterday, the last time he flew to the South of the island he was with his Mum and Dad.  My Father-in-law has been back a few times since to visit.   My Mother-in-law sadly passed away in the first few months of our courtship, more than 20 years ago, she was far too young.  My Husband and I last came here for our honeymoon in 1998, so I have a good understanding of why this island has such sentimental meaning.  You can’t help but fall in love with it’s beauty and mystery.  I am hoping that this, our first trip here with the children, will be somewhat cathartic for my Husband, and encourage him to share some fabulous memories of his Mum with her grandchildren.

It’s already been an adventure.  After a long flight via Schipol we arrived at Larnaca where we were then driven North, over the border in Nicosia – the only city to be divided by an international border.  Who knows what adventures we’ll have today!?


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6 thoughts on “Why Northern Cyprus?

  1. avenue57

    Lovely to hear how and why Cyprus has such a special place in your hearts.

    Enjoy the weather (wall to wall sunshine is such a big thing for us!) but I guess you’re used to that back home?!


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