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Spotty bag delivery!

A spotty bag arrived the other day, just in time for my trip.  I have been eyeing these Boden drop shoulder V-necks all season.  Even with a discount code they were great value, but something still stopped me from ordering.  That is until now.  When I saw they were just $34 in the clearance section I could resist temptation no longer.  I can’t get a jumper at Target for that price.  I just love this vintage yellow melange color, and the knit is super soft, and light enough to pair with shorts here in the air conditioning!  If you’re tempted you might want to go down a size – this is a US 6 down from my usual US 8 in Boden knitwear.

drop shoulder v neck


Sorry for the photo quality today – a new camera is on my wish list for my birthday (my Husband does read this occasionally).  My little instant camera fogs over with condensation every time I try to take a photo outside.  Even at 8am it can’t handle the transition from the AC house to the heat and humidity outside!   Hence today it’s an office bathroom shot:)  Again I’m wearing Gap – I’m telling you they have turned a corner.


Jeans – Gap (on sale – plus in the US 35% off all online orders today with GAP35) // Shirt – J.Crew Factory (30% off everything with code SPREE) // Sneakers – Silver Supergas // Spotty Bag – Oil Cloth shopper Boden // Handbag – Alexander Wang Rocco // Nail polish – China Glaze Pool Party

Just two more pre-vacation packages to arrive ready to be packed for Tuesday…can you guess what they are?

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Some sale wants.

I don’t remember Boden ever putting their Spring items in the clearance section before June in previous years?  Maybe I’m mistaken, but this year they seem to be dropping odd items in throughout the season.  I just happened to be browsing yesterday and found myself lusting after 3 fabulous spring coats.  This is when I so wish I was back in the UK and actually had use for spring coats.  It’s 80 degrees here this week so it appears summer has arrived for 2013.  MM did suggest that they would be great coats for Fall and even Winter here – surely that means he agrees with me and I should purchase immediately?

I will preface this with the fact that 2 of these coats got some poor reviews.  However, seeing as I am not the ‘typical’ Boden buyer I tend to take the reviews with a grain of salt.  For me the truth always lies in trying the clothes at home, and styling them how I would wear them.  I think all 3 of these coats would look fabulous dressed up or down.  I can see myself wearing them with boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt and flats, keeping them simple and casual.

The first is the swishy coatigan.  The fabric (as the reviews confirm) looks nothing like a coatigan – I think this is definitely more of a lightweight coat.  I want it in parchment which is currently reduced by $60.



The next is the Canonbury coat.  I’ve had my eye on this for a while.  I think it looks stunning in the iris.  Again it would look amazing with just jeans and a t-shirt to really sharpen up a casual outfit.  The iris is only reduced by $30 right now but the other two colorways are reduced further.  The reviews are pretty dire regarding fit, but I really want to try this and see – dare I say it – but it may just be too much of a departure for some stalwart Boden customers.



Finally I absolutely adore this red version of the Spring trench.  It is SO me and would make such a statement.  This one I might just have to order for Fall.  The red version is currently reduced by $60.



What do you think?  Have any of you tried them?  If so do the reviews do them justice?

Today it is back to normality.  The final days of the vacation were amazing.  The children and I did some dancing on the deck while Dad prepared the grill:)


I love this photo of Poppy at dusk looking out to the rigs.  I know the thought of oil rigs to many of you may be far from romantic – but I assure you when you see them all twinkling at night it is an amazing sight to behold.  Now I sound like I’m about to break out into a Toby Keith song.



My final vacation outfit was of course a bikini – but sparing you that photo – here is one of me in the Zara dress that I used as my beach cover up.  I love it – it is really comfortable and light weight.  As you can see the house we stayed in was very ‘retro’:)



Yesterday we were all tired and fortunately had a birthday party to attend which got us up and out of the house.  It was very odd getting ‘dressed’ again and wearing make-up – I even wore a necklace (inspired by Fiona’s post).  Not sure about this get up though – I think this is a bit of a failure – maybe trying too hard?



Jeans – Target // Top – Zara // Jacket – River Island // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker // Necklace – JCrew bubble copy from local store

…And here I am today, bleary eyed but happy to be home.

IMG_5333 IMG_5303

Jacket – Gap (old similar here) // Sweater – Express (old) // Trousers – J.Crew Café Capri jade (old) // Flats – Vince Camuto Fawna (old)



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Running out of time…

…to get to work, to do laundry and pack for the beach, to get my mani/pedi done etc. etc. – all the important stuff that needs to be done – and it’s Tuesday already!  Okay so I may have left a lot till the last minute – but that’s how I operate:)  Not to mention a lifetime was sucked out of me waiting for the children’s annual check ups at the Doctors yesterday – I was there 2 hrs for what should have been a 30 minute appointment!

Hence a crappy bathroom photo today, as I ran out of time getting ready after making it to the gym this morning.  Nothing motivates like the pressure of wearing a bikini!

I love these jeans – I got them late last summer and I’ve rarely worn them because the button came off.  MM kindly got the hammer out and fixed them for me.  They fit perfectly and are super comfortable, assuming the button stays in place!  I love to keep the rest of the outfit simple with them, as they are so loud.



Jeans – H&M (old but have still seen in some stores here) // Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury // T-shirt – Express (old) // Jacket – Zara (old)

Before I dash again I wanted to leave you with this fab top from Zara.  I’ve been cruising by it for a while now, contemplating it – and then I saw Jane from MyMidlifeFashion wearing it over at Avenue 57 – she looks ‘da bomb’!  It’s now in my cart – I’m just contemplating what other colors to get!


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Running with music.

It’s spring and it is time to get out and start pounding the pavements again.  The idea is to alternate with Spin classes and that should hopefully keep me injury free.  I always run with music – sometimes I get so in the zone I actually get chills and I can feel the rush of energy and endorphins that a great track gives me. Normally I run with an iPod shuffle – it’s tiny, neat and light so doesn’t hinder the – ah hem – athlete in me.  However, when I was back in the UK I really wanted to take some photos of the amazing views I am privy too when running over t’moors.  That meant either holding my camera while running – no thanks – or taking my iPhone.  The latter option was obviously preferable.

Now I’ve always been put off by wearing a cumbersome arm band while running but I have to say this one I used was very light, sweat proof and easy to adjust.  It’s the iPhone neoprene armband from MobileFun.com.  It’s also a pretty decent price at just $12.99 especially when you compare with similar products on the market.  If you are like me, and feel the need to document as you run, I can recommend this – perfect for keeping all your Instagram followers up to date.  The other advantage of running with an iPhone of course is that you can actually keep track accurately of miles and pace using an app like MapMyRun.  You can even bore people to tears on Facebook with how many miles you’ve run:)



What else have I been up to?  Well yesterday I went to Target to stock up on some Spring clothes for Poppy – you have to be quick as they disappear fast.  She thinks her Mommy is ‘totally the best’ for buying her her first denim jacket.  I also sneaked in a pair of jeans for me.  Target have some fabulous bright clothes in right now – lots of tie dye and dip dye items too – right up my alley.  These jeans were just $25 and they come in green and purple too.



Finally here are my ootd for the past couple of days.  I’ll be reporting back later with a new haircut –  think I’m going back to the faux hawk/undercut – I feel the rebel in me rising again.


Sweater – J.Crew (from sale) // Jeans – velvet toothpick jeans J.Crew (from sale) // Converse – charcoal grey


Jacket – Zara (old) // Tee – Gap (old) // Jeans – Hudson Collin // Boots – Office Nighthawk (sale bargains)


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