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The simple jumpsuit

I have always loved jumpsuits. This time of year is when I most appreciate them. A great jumpsuit can take you from day to night with a simple change of shoes or jacket. I particularly love a great jersey jumpsuit that offers supreme comfort and looks fabulous with sneakers or heels. My favorites are from Splendid and though they are expensive at full price I have been really lucky in the sales on Net-a-Porter.com or on TheOutnet.com. ASOS also offer a reliable, diverse choice of other brands of jumpsuit.

As always browsing on Pinterest has led to trouble. I’ve been lusting after this jumpsuit forever since I saw this image:


And look what I found on TheOutnet.com just now while writing this post…


Other Pinterest images that have given me inspiration include the following, demonstrating the humble jumpsuit’s versatility.

jumpsuit 1 Jumpsuit 2 jumpsuit 3 jumpsuit 4 jumpsuit 5 jumpsuit 6

Today I’m wearing my Splendid grey jumpsuit that I got in the sale on NAP over Christmas – it’s the same as the khaki I wore here. I’m afraid my kids have been playing with the camera so all photos are super bright today – sorry – it’s fixed now!

IMG_0916Sneakers – Stan Smiths // Jumpsuit – Splendid // Jacket – Gap (40% off everything with code TREAT) // Bag – H&M

I could easily switch the sneakers for a pair of heels and head out for the evening feeling fabulous.

Just to prove I haven’t given up on the jeans here is my outfit from yesterday.

IMG_0904Shoes – Zara // Jeans – MiH (TheOutnet.com reduced by 65%) // Shirt – J.Crew (it’s lavender and gorgeous – even more so that it’s in the sale at $39.99 with an extra 30% off too using THEBEST)

 Jumpsuits to try:

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Fall break

We had a lovely long weekend just hanging around at home and eating great food. Yesterday I roasted a leg of lamb that was virtually demolished by the kids. They can be so picky about some foods – my daughter doesn’t like pizza at all – yet when it comes to a good roast with all the trimmings they practically lick the plate clean! I always love cooking a meal when I know it will be enjoyed!

Here are a couple of outfits from over the weekend – most of it was spent in comfy sweats lying on the sofa with the dogs ūüôā Firstly these are the joggers I raved about the other day – a dressy jogger – yes such a thing does exist!

IMG_9531 IMG_9551

Sneakers РStan Smiths // Trousers РJ.Crew drapey wool joggers // T-shirt РJ.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with SHOPFALL) // Jacket РJ.Crew (30% off with SHOPFALL)

IMG_9554Jeans – Zara // Jumper – AllSaints Sago // Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury // Scarf – School Gate Style

It’s absolutely wazzing it down here today and heading over the Atlantic soon – stay dry!


I spoke too soon.

Sorry to all of you in the UK and elsewhere – but I am sharing a J.Crew code that is only valid in the US – complain to them not me:) ¬†Using HEYSPRING you can get 25% off online and in store. ¬†They don’t often have such great discounts at J.Crew so I have taken advantage of it ready for our trip to the beach for Spring Break.

This camouflage sweatshirt is similar to the one Marlene wore here – but I think I have ordered the lighter, grayer, colorway.

JCrew Sweatshirt


J.Crew’s denim shorts are the best I have come across – super soft and stretchy – in fact I often size down as they give during wear.

Denim shorts

This denim jacket is a great dark vintage wash and it is already on sale.  I love it РI just need to try it on in store so I know my size.  J.Crew love their vanity sizing and often it is worth again sizing down.

Vintage denim jacket

Finally I have ummed and aahed about rash guards for the past couple of summers.  Going to the beach in April means it can still be pretty breezy, making that risk of sun burn even greater, so I have taken the plunge and ordered this one.  I prefer the solid color to a stripe.

Aqua rash guard


If that is too much coverage for you I really like this sleeveless version – and it is a great price, currently reduced to $49.50.

sleeveless rash guard

 All this talk of beach attire and Spring Break feels a little premature today as the temperatures drop again.  So yes I did speak too soon at the weekend and the boots are back on today Рbut just £27.20 boots from the M&S sale РRESULT!

Verna gilet.jpg

Jeans РGap (on sale) // Boots РMarks and Spencer Mink biker boots (on sale at just £27.20 reduced from £75!!) // Bag РMarks and Spencer // Jumper РZara (old) // Gilet РAllSaints (old)

Finally I look a bit crazed here – but this is me on a usual Sunday – no makeup and my hair is still wet after the gym…

Make up free.jpg


Shoes – Avarcas Pons Ankle strap in brown // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // T-shirt – REALLY old Gap long sleeved t-shirt // Glasses – Oliver Peoples Wacks


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Some sale wants.

I don’t remember Boden ever putting their Spring items in the clearance section before June in previous years? ¬†Maybe I’m mistaken, but this year they seem to be dropping odd items in throughout the season. ¬†I just happened to be browsing yesterday and found myself lusting after 3 fabulous spring coats. ¬†This is when I so wish I was back in the UK and actually had use for spring coats. ¬†It’s 80 degrees here this week so it appears summer has arrived for 2013. ¬†MM did suggest that they would be great coats for Fall and even Winter here – surely that means he agrees with me and I should purchase immediately?

I will preface this with the fact that 2 of these coats got some poor reviews. ¬†However, seeing as I am not the ‘typical’ Boden buyer I tend to take the reviews with a grain of salt. ¬†For me the truth always lies in trying the clothes at home, and styling them how I would wear them. ¬†I think all 3 of these coats would look fabulous dressed up or down. ¬†I can see myself wearing them with boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt and flats, keeping them simple and casual.

The first is the swishy coatigan.  The fabric (as the reviews confirm) looks nothing like a coatigan РI think this is definitely more of a lightweight coat.  I want it in parchment which is currently reduced by $60.



The next is the Canonbury coat. ¬†I’ve had my eye on this for a while. ¬†I think it looks stunning in the iris. ¬†Again it would look amazing with just jeans and a t-shirt to really sharpen up a casual outfit. ¬†The iris is only reduced by $30 right now but the other two colorways are reduced further. ¬†The reviews are pretty dire regarding fit, but I really want to try this and see – dare I say it – but it may just be too much of a departure for some stalwart Boden customers.



Finally I absolutely adore this red version of the Spring trench.  It is SO me and would make such a statement.  This one I might just have to order for Fall.  The red version is currently reduced by $60.



What do you think?  Have any of you tried them?  If so do the reviews do them justice?

Today it is back to normality.  The final days of the vacation were amazing.  The children and I did some dancing on the deck while Dad prepared the grill:)


I love this photo of Poppy at dusk looking out to the rigs. ¬†I know the thought of oil rigs to many of you may be far from romantic – but I assure you when you see them all twinkling at night it is an amazing sight to behold. ¬†Now I sound like I’m about to break out into a Toby Keith song.



My final vacation outfit was of course a bikini – but sparing you that photo – here is one of me in the Zara dress that I used as my beach cover up. ¬†I love it – it is really comfortable and light weight. ¬†As you can see the house we stayed in was very ‘retro’:)



Yesterday we were all tired and fortunately had a birthday party to attend which got us up and out of the house. ¬†It was very odd getting ‘dressed’ again and wearing make-up – I even wore a necklace (inspired by Fiona’s post). ¬†Not sure about this get up though – I think this is a bit of a failure – maybe trying too hard?



Jeans – Target // Top – Zara // Jacket – River Island // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker // Necklace – JCrew bubble copy from local store

…And here I am today, bleary eyed but happy to be home.

IMG_5333 IMG_5303

Jacket РGap (old similar here) // Sweater РExpress (old) // Trousers РJ.Crew Café Capri jade (old) // Flats РVince Camuto Fawna (old)



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Funny feet.

Yep, not the Funny Face of Audrey Hepburn, we’re definitely talking funny feet. ¬†Next time I get my pedicure done I will share them with you:) ¬†My curly toes, as I’ve mentioned before, mean that my choice of footwear is somewhat limited. ¬†If the shoe is too low at the front, or if the sandal is too strappy, my little toe on my right foot is prone to escaping. ¬†Even the white Aldo shoes I loved have to be returned as they are cut too low at the front to retain the toe. ¬†I may, however, have found the perfect Spring/Summer shoe. ¬†It’s a sad fact that my feet look their best when the toes are hidden completely, but these beauties make my feet look slim and elegant – with not a hint of the toe turmoil hidden inside!

The Vince Nina:



They are so comfortable I am sorely tempted by the nude too.


I think that is why I tend to buy multiple colors of the same style – once I find one that fits, I am so ecstatic, I panic buy because the thought of hunting for another ‘glass slipper’ seems too daunting. ¬†I only wish they came in white too. ¬†I must credit¬†Tiffany Wendel¬†again – she was the first person I saw them on. ¬†I swear I am not turning into¬†Single White Female.

As the Nina doesn’t come in white I am tempted to try these that appeared on the Zara site the other day. ¬†Pointed, but sling back – the only thing I am hesitant about is the block heel.



What do you think?  They will definitely keep the toes at bay Рbut are they too sixties?

IMG_5130 IMG_5132 IMG_5137 IMG_5139

Trousers – J.Crew Factory Skimmer pant wool (old) // Shoes – Vince Nina // Scarf – Zara Oriental print (old) // Denim jacket – Gap (old) // T-shirt – Express (old)

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Larkin’ about.

Slowly moving back to the land of the living today. ¬†Which is good as it is Hugh’s 5th birthday tomorrow and he is VERY excited. ¬†So excited that last night he was trying to convince me it was Wednesday today. ¬†Given my jet lag I almost believed him.

Today I took my inspiration from a couple of my favorite US bloggers – Tiffany Wendel Personal Styling¬†and Sheree from It’s Not That Deep. ¬†Both are Moms, and REALLY cool Moms at that. ¬†I love browsing their sites, and though I’m not sure I can get away with all their looks, they certainly provide great inspiration. ¬†Both of them have worn a black fur gilet over a denim jacket recently:) ¬†I’m also trying to wear all my warm, furry things before it warms up and they get packed away to the downstairs closet!

I started having some fun on our big rock in the garden – a rock I only venture near in the winter as I am sure it provides shelter for snakes in the summer!

IMG_4809 IMG_4814 IMG_4816


Fur gilet РSkaist-Taylor for NM and Target // Denim jacket РGap (old)  // Red jeans РZara (old) //  Top РThe Limited collection, Marks & Spencer (old) // Sneakers РConverse

Complete change of subject now, but I was on my drive into work this morning listening to NPR as usual. ¬†They reviewed a book, Wave, written by¬†Sonali Deraniyagala. ¬†She survived the horrific Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004, but lost all her family to it. ¬†It was heart wrenching to listen to her story – but I really now want to read this book – here’s the NPR link.


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