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Slowly moving back to the land of the living today.  Which is good as it is Hugh’s 5th birthday tomorrow and he is VERY excited.  So excited that last night he was trying to convince me it was Wednesday today.  Given my jet lag I almost believed him.

Today I took my inspiration from a couple of my favorite US bloggers – Tiffany Wendel Personal Styling and Sheree from It’s Not That Deep.  Both are Moms, and REALLY cool Moms at that.  I love browsing their sites, and though I’m not sure I can get away with all their looks, they certainly provide great inspiration.  Both of them have worn a black fur gilet over a denim jacket recently:)  I’m also trying to wear all my warm, furry things before it warms up and they get packed away to the downstairs closet!

I started having some fun on our big rock in the garden – a rock I only venture near in the winter as I am sure it provides shelter for snakes in the summer!

IMG_4809 IMG_4814 IMG_4816


Fur gilet – Skaist-Taylor for NM and Target // Denim jacket – Gap (old)  // Red jeans – Zara (old) //  Top – The Limited collection, Marks & Spencer (old) // Sneakers – Converse

Complete change of subject now, but I was on my drive into work this morning listening to NPR as usual.  They reviewed a book, Wave, written by Sonali Deraniyagala.  She survived the horrific Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004, but lost all her family to it.  It was heart wrenching to listen to her story – but I really now want to read this book – here’s the NPR link.


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