Matalan and Primark finds.

To all of you in the US I can only best describe Matalan and Primark as stores similar to Target or Old Navy – cheap, on trend clothing – disposable fashion.  I remember Primark as a child and recently it has had somewhat of a revival.  Just as we in the States refer to Target as Targét (well at least in my neck of the woods) – Primark is often referred to as Primarni.

It takes some energy to sift the wheat from the chaff but all in all it is worth it.  Yesterday I scored 2 pairs of jeans.  I know their jeans are fab as I have a couple of their printed ones – the floral ones from last summer being the most worn.  Yesterday I got some gorgeous smoky blue/grey striped ankle skimmers (though they actually feel full length on me!), and a pair of cheapo boyfriend jeans – mainly because I couldn’t justify leaving them in the store at just 13 GBP each.  Their sizing is definitely a bit hit or miss as the skinnies are a UK 10 and I had to go to a 12 in the boyfriend jeans.  There’s a bit more distressing on the boyfriend jeans than I’d possibly like, but then if I use my very vivid imagination and pretend I’m not in freezing Bury, sun kissed knees peeking through the denim, in the Atlanta sun, might work well with them…

IMG_4733 IMG_4734


I had to head across the street to Matalan – they are normally located in retail parks – as is the one in Bury.  I was skeptical as I wandered in but that quickly dissipated and I was overwhelmed with sheer joy!  Again sifting the wheat from the chaff was required – but more on a style basis than quality as everything seemed to be really well made considering the really low prices.  I ended up picking up a couple of jersey maxi skirts (couldn’t decide between the grey and the black), a pair of pewter silky trousers and some fabulous polo shirts with silky trim.  I sized up to a UK 14 on the shirts worried they may be too snug especially after a wash – plus the placement of the pockets made me a bit nervous – but the UK 14s are perfect – loose enough but not huge.  I am now smitten with Matalan.

IMG_4737 IMG_4736 IMG_4735


Heading back to the bus station I had a quick nosey in H&M.  Low and behold they had some fabulous looking boyfriend jeans – that were the right amount of faded, distress and are also described as ‘tapered leg’.  So off I went to try them on.  I took a 27″ and 28″ into the changing room – I always try the smallest size first so I can be a) elated when they fit or b) optimistic the larger size will work.  The 27s were perfect – and still oversize.  They really do fit like a men’s jean and even have a slightly lower crotch that some will love or some will hate – personally I love the fit.  I think these will be worn often this Spring.

IMG_4732 photo

Don’t ask me how I am going to get all this home – I don’t know yet.

For my little shopping jaunt I wore a pair of my new shoes.  The Office Nighthawk boots in red – a cheap imitation of the Chloe Susanna boots.  I got them for 30 GBP in the sale and I love them.  They are great quality, lovely leather and incredibly comfortable – plus my gamble of buying a UK 6 paid off and they fit perfectly.  I wore them with Zara camo trousers and an H&M jumper layered over an H&M tank.  The scarf is an old Boden jersey scarf that I love.

photo1 IMG_3166


Now off to the Trafford Center – Mum and Dad are in the market for an iPad.


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19 thoughts on “Matalan and Primark finds.

  1. avenue57

    So pleased you call it Targét as I’ve done this for years too! Primarni is the best – you can buy so many things and still it’s all under £100!! Disposable fashion at its best for sure!


  2. Michelle

    Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and seems so funny reading about your shopping exploits at my local shops in Bury rather than sunny Atlanta! Hope you enjoy your time home, you have been lucky with the weather!
    I’m off out to matalan as I like the look of those silky trousers!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      So funny!! It feels good to be back but darn it’s cold today! Let me know if you get the trousers! They’re lovely – just wish the pockets were real!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know I know, but my mind is playing tricks – I still read dollars when I read the labels here – even if I convert some stuff is cheaper here like Zara. I can’t wait to get into a Tesco or Sainsbury’s for a good nosey:)

  3. Sue

    You are having a blast – like you say – how are you going to get everything home? Are you paying for extra luggage allowance? Which will negate the savings somewhat. I saw the H&M ones and they look like a really good pair but huge on the sizing – they are definitely a size down type. You will get lots of wear out of those. Happy travelling tomorrow.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      There is an Antler Factory store near Mum and Dad so I jus bought a carry on case for 10 quid:) Should get me to London and back and get my new purchases on the plane:) Fingers crossed….

  4. Style At Every Age

    Where do I start? Gutted I didn’t know about the H&M jeans sooner as just received an order from them which took 2 weeks to come grrrr and also I didn’t know the Nighthawk boots came in red and I did a blog post about them! Have fun tomorrow xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      H&M have a jean event on right now with some money off jeans from 29.99 – so you might get an even better bargain now! The boots are great – fun, great color and really comfortable – better than forking out $1400 on the Chloes:)

  5. angie

    You’re a braver woman than I’ll ever be. I just can’t do Primark at all, far too much like a jumble sale for my liking. Love your Matalan bargains though. Hope our freezing weather isn’t too bad for you. Bring on spring. Pleeeaassee!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I tend to get into Primark early – the one in Bury really isn’t that bad – not too big so certainly manageable to wizz round and spot a couple of bargains! It is way too cold for me here…I’ve turned soft.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’ve worn the jeans all weekend and they are great – really comfortable – I’m really happy with them – not quite warm enough for silky trousers here though lol!

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