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An ode to Emmanuelle – again…

I have spent many evenings on Pinterest searching, pinning and ogling at her image…yes I think I could almost be classified as obsessed with her – ‘her’ being Emmanuelle Alt, the Editor of Vogue Paris. No matter how many times I see her image I just melt and think how easy she makes looking fabulous. She definitely has a formula but the pieces she wears are always simple and understated.

A jacket is a must – whether it be a fur, military style or simple blazer. Rarely seen in skirts she relies on ankle length jeans, harems and occasionally flares. Her shoes are always fabulous – simple courts, flat booties, over the knee boots or (currently what I am most obsessed by) lace or mesh booties – often peep toes. All paired with a simple tee or white shirt and a classic belt. Now why can’t I get it right?

ealt 3 ealt ealt2 emanuelle-alt-4 emmanuelle-alt-8 emmanuelle-alt-15 Emmanuelle+Alt+Saint+Laurent+Outside+Arrivals+-xgsBEBTun_l images Northern-Light-PFW-SS12-Emmanuelle-Alt-3

Personally I think my love of clothes i.e. having too many clothes…means that I overcomplicate outfits, either to a) wear items that have been neglected or b) just by over-thinking an outfit. I have a substitute for everything she wears (no surprise), so my challenge over the next few weeks is to just take it easy, breathe, and relax, and then transform myself into an elegant, effortlessly stylish Parisian ūüėČ

Oh and if anyone spots some wicked lace booties holler! These are the closest I’ve found…I love them, but they look super high for tottering across the Place de la Concorde.


zara bootie


Meanwhile back to reality here is what I have been wearing over the past couple of days. It’s blazing hot in Atlanta – how can it be 70 degrees on December 2nd? I’m not happy – a girl has furs and big coats to wear!

IMG_0124 IMG_0130

Shoes – Office (sent by Eve!) // Jeans – Zara // T-shirt – J.Crew // Jacket – Mango // Scarf – H&M (old) // Bag – Zara

IMG_0143 IMG_0145

Boots – Minnetonka // Trousers – Zara (old) // Sleeveless jumper – Everlane // Jacket – Gap (old – similar here)

So go on who is your style icon? I have more Pinterest boards to create!


Matalan and Primark finds.

To all of you in the US I can only best describe Matalan and Primark as stores similar to Target or Old Navy Рcheap, on trend clothing Рdisposable fashion.  I remember Primark as a child and recently it has had somewhat of a revival.  Just as we in the States refer to Target as Targét (well at least in my neck of the woods) РPrimark is often referred to as Primarni.

It takes some energy to sift the wheat from the chaff but all in all it is worth it. ¬†Yesterday I scored 2 pairs of jeans. ¬†I know their jeans are fab as I have a couple of their printed ones – the floral ones from last summer being the most worn. ¬†Yesterday I got some gorgeous smoky blue/grey striped ankle skimmers (though they actually feel full length on me!), and a pair of cheapo boyfriend jeans – mainly because I couldn’t justify leaving them in the store at just 13 GBP each. ¬†Their sizing is definitely a bit hit or miss as the skinnies are a UK 10 and I had to go to a 12 in the boyfriend jeans. ¬†There’s a bit more distressing on the boyfriend jeans than I’d possibly like, but then if I use my very vivid imagination and pretend I’m not in freezing Bury, sun kissed knees peeking through the denim, in the Atlanta sun, might work well with them…

IMG_4733 IMG_4734


I had to head across the street to Matalan – they are normally located in retail parks – as is the one in Bury. ¬†I was skeptical as I wandered in but that quickly dissipated and I was overwhelmed with sheer joy! ¬†Again sifting the wheat from the chaff was required – but more on a style basis than quality as everything seemed to be really well made considering the really low prices. ¬†I ended up picking up a couple of jersey maxi skirts (couldn’t decide between the grey and the black), a pair of pewter silky trousers and some fabulous polo shirts with silky trim. ¬†I sized up to a UK 14 on the shirts worried they may be too snug especially after a wash – plus the placement of the pockets made me a bit nervous – but the UK 14s are perfect – loose enough but not huge. ¬†I am now smitten with Matalan.

IMG_4737 IMG_4736 IMG_4735


Heading back to the bus station I had a quick nosey in H&M. ¬†Low and behold they had some fabulous looking boyfriend jeans – that were the right amount of faded, distress and are also described as ‘tapered leg’. ¬†So off I went to try them on. ¬†I took a 27″ and 28″ into the changing room – I always try the smallest size first so I can be a) elated when they fit or b) optimistic the larger size will work. ¬†The 27s were perfect – and still oversize. ¬†They really do fit like a men’s jean and even have a slightly lower crotch that some will love or some will hate – personally I love the fit. ¬†I think these will be worn often this Spring.

IMG_4732 photo

Don’t ask me how I am going to get all this home – I don’t know yet.

For my little shopping jaunt I wore a pair of my new shoes.  The Office Nighthawk boots in red Рa cheap imitation of the Chloe Susanna boots.  I got them for 30 GBP in the sale and I love them.  They are great quality, lovely leather and incredibly comfortable Рplus my gamble of buying a UK 6 paid off and they fit perfectly.  I wore them with Zara camo trousers and an H&M jumper layered over an H&M tank.  The scarf is an old Boden jersey scarf that I love.

photo1 IMG_3166


Now off to the Trafford Center – Mum and Dad are in the market for an iPad.


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