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My 42nd birthday!

I had the most amazing day yesterday – packed full of everything I love – from a good, leisurely work out, to great burgers and margaritas, to a wonderful dinner out, all in the company of my wonderful family.

My Husband is becoming quite a pro at  choosing great birthday cards.  As one of my friends said it really is a gift to have the patience to search through sappy cards for the perfect card for the recipient!  If you haven’t seen the Honey Badger viral video this won’t mean anything to you!

birthday card


After an indulgent glass of prosecco we headed off for a leisurely lunch at our favorite burger joint. It was hot as hades here yesterday so I decided to wear my TopShop cami for the first time.  I really do love the cut and fabric of these tops and I’ll be buying more – they drape perfectly with no clinging.  I was switched on to them by lovely Eve at AllWornOut and Jane at MyMidlifeFashion.  Fortunately TopShop is now easily available here from Nordstrom!  The creases fell out as soon as it was exposed to the Atlanta humidity!

Top – TopShop Cami // Skirt – J.Crew Factory (old) // Sandals – Zara

Aug 10th


Later that evening my Husband took me to The Optimist for the first time.  What an amazing restaurant.  It was busy so the service was a little tardy but we were in no hurry and I relished my oysters!  It’s a huge, open restaurant and I loved the noise created by the acoustics.  In a strange way it reminded me of Harrods food hall or even Quaglinos, though I haven’t been there since the early 90s!





I felt fabulous in my Zara flowing jumpsuit (sold out but similar here).  I actually bought this and returned it once thinking I’d never wear it – but it was such a perfect fit I re-bought it and I am so glad I did!  I went full ’70s for this baby of August ’71 with big hair and white heels (now on sale here!).

Jumpsuit Aug 10th


So that’s the birthday done and dusted for another year – here’s to a great one – and happy birthday to all my fellow Leos!

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Detox week.

Okay maybe detox weekend.  A week really was pushing it wasn’t it?  Especially as I have the children at home with me till next Wednesday when school resumes.

So, I haven’t touched alcohol for 3 days now and I juiced on Saturday and Sunday.  Today I worked out like a mad woman, and I have eaten buckets of heirloom tomatoes with sweet Georgia peaches, basil and olive oil and balsamic.  Tomatoes and peaches?  Weird you say?  Delicious I say – try it with some crumbled feta on top too – DIVINE!

After the vacation weight gain thanks to copious carbs – bread and beer are to blame – I’m desperate to lose the extra pounds again.  I arrived home to a fabulous pile of boxes from the Zara sale and their new collection, and some of them feel a little snugger than I’d like right now!  Only to be expected no?  I’m hoping I won’t have to wear anything with a little give in it on the 10th – because it will be MY BIRTHDAY!  Yes I actually celebrate my birthday month – I LOVE birthdays and I’m really quite looking forward to turning 42 – especially as my Husband is VERY good at birthday nights out.

As you can see from the photo today my hair is HUGE and has grown so much over the holiday – I’m not complaining but please don’t judge – I’ll be getting it ‘styled’ this week!  The t-shirt is from the Zara sale – I think I could have got away with a smaller size but it was the last size in the stock clearance section at just $15 so I’m not returning.  It actually feels lovely and cool and floaty but looks a bit boxy on the photos – it hides the vacation muffin top well for now:)

July 29th

T-Shirt – Zara combination top (no longer online) // Shorts – JCrew Factory bermudas // Sandals – Zara

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Spotty bag delivery!

A spotty bag arrived the other day, just in time for my trip.  I have been eyeing these Boden drop shoulder V-necks all season.  Even with a discount code they were great value, but something still stopped me from ordering.  That is until now.  When I saw they were just $34 in the clearance section I could resist temptation no longer.  I can’t get a jumper at Target for that price.  I just love this vintage yellow melange color, and the knit is super soft, and light enough to pair with shorts here in the air conditioning!  If you’re tempted you might want to go down a size – this is a US 6 down from my usual US 8 in Boden knitwear.

drop shoulder v neck


Sorry for the photo quality today – a new camera is on my wish list for my birthday (my Husband does read this occasionally).  My little instant camera fogs over with condensation every time I try to take a photo outside.  Even at 8am it can’t handle the transition from the AC house to the heat and humidity outside!   Hence today it’s an office bathroom shot:)  Again I’m wearing Gap – I’m telling you they have turned a corner.


Jeans – Gap (on sale – plus in the US 35% off all online orders today with GAP35) // Shirt – J.Crew Factory (30% off everything with code SPREE) // Sneakers – Silver Supergas // Spotty Bag – Oil Cloth shopper Boden // Handbag – Alexander Wang Rocco // Nail polish – China Glaze Pool Party

Just two more pre-vacation packages to arrive ready to be packed for Tuesday…can you guess what they are?

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Just for fun.

Last night it occurred to me, as I was surfing some blogs and Instagram, that there are a lot of folks out there running, working out, doing crossfit etc. in preparation for the summer.  I find it incredibly motivating seeing what others are up to in their work out regime and I love chatting with people about what works best for them.  So I have a new challenge for you – just for fun:)

Every day I work out I will upload a post work-out photo on Instagram (poppysstyle) and tag it with #PSFitClub.  Follow me here and leave a comment including the #PSFitClub.  I’ll follow you back, and all you need to do is upload your post work-out photo tagged with #PSFitClub – easy hey?  We can have our own virtual, global training group.  Great motivation!  I want to see rosy cheeks, sweaty brows and dirty sneakers/trainers.  Tell us what your goals are, what you have done, how you feel, and what your reward will be.  In 6 months time we can compare photos from now and then!  Have fun with it.  To start us off here I am after my hot, humid, sauna like run here this morning.  After today – for those of you that have zero interest in working out – I’ll just be posting #PSFitClub photos on Instagram🙂



And now the reason behind #PSFitClub – so I can continue to drink wine, eat chocolate and wear fabulous clothes!  Here’s what I’ve worn so far this week.

seeing spots

Trousers – J.Crew factory (old) // Shirt – J.Crew popover // Shoes – Nine West

lady in red

Dress – Asos // Boots – Rag & Bone canvas Newburys // Sunglasses – Chanel

Zara sandals IMG_6677


Sandals – Zara // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Zara // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco


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Airing the almost 42 year old legs.

Gosh that looks so odd to see it in writing – I’m 41 3/4.  I have to say I don’t feel what I thought almost 42 would feel like.  I certainly don’t see myself as old, or middle aged for that matter.  I still buy clothes that I like rather than what I, or others, think I should be wearing.  I just have a few extra greys that need covering each month.

So am I wearing a skirt that is too short for my age?  What do you think?  I didn’t consider it too short till just now.  I bought it based on the Michael Kors skirt I’d seen and I love the color.  I think it is the only yellow item I have in my closet though – it’s definitely not normally a color I gravitate towards.

Michael Kors $695 version:



IMG_6228 IMG_6232 IMG_6211

Skirt – JCrew Factory // Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Shirt – JCrew Factory (similar here)

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Funny feet.

Yep, not the Funny Face of Audrey Hepburn, we’re definitely talking funny feet.  Next time I get my pedicure done I will share them with you:)  My curly toes, as I’ve mentioned before, mean that my choice of footwear is somewhat limited.  If the shoe is too low at the front, or if the sandal is too strappy, my little toe on my right foot is prone to escaping.  Even the white Aldo shoes I loved have to be returned as they are cut too low at the front to retain the toe.  I may, however, have found the perfect Spring/Summer shoe.  It’s a sad fact that my feet look their best when the toes are hidden completely, but these beauties make my feet look slim and elegant – with not a hint of the toe turmoil hidden inside!

The Vince Nina:



They are so comfortable I am sorely tempted by the nude too.


I think that is why I tend to buy multiple colors of the same style – once I find one that fits, I am so ecstatic, I panic buy because the thought of hunting for another ‘glass slipper’ seems too daunting.  I only wish they came in white too.  I must credit Tiffany Wendel again – she was the first person I saw them on.  I swear I am not turning into Single White Female.

As the Nina doesn’t come in white I am tempted to try these that appeared on the Zara site the other day.  Pointed, but sling back – the only thing I am hesitant about is the block heel.



What do you think?  They will definitely keep the toes at bay – but are they too sixties?

IMG_5130 IMG_5132 IMG_5137 IMG_5139

Trousers – J.Crew Factory Skimmer pant wool (old) // Shoes – Vince Nina // Scarf – Zara Oriental print (old) // Denim jacket – Gap (old) // T-shirt – Express (old)

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More ‘me’ again.

As much as I enjoy experimenting with clothes and shoes, my slightly different look yesterday just didn’t feel right and I didn’t feel ‘me’ all day until I got changed for the gym.  It’s quite amazing how an outfit can impact your daily disposition!

Today I am home with a poorly boy, but he’s on the mend and the sun is shining so not a bad Tuesday really.  Some online shopping and a bit of work to do but maybe a glass of wine later in the garden?

IMG_4988 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4971


Shoes – Vince Camuto Fawna // Jeans – Target (old) // Jumper – H&M (old) // Long tank – H&M (old)

Oh and another code arrived in my mailbox – if you’re in the US and need some Spring basics like shorts – I love J.Crew Factory – use STYLESCORE for a whopping 30% off everything!  Just be warned their fit is a little more snug than J.Crew which I find quite generous these days.

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