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Airing the almost 42 year old legs.

Gosh that looks so odd to see it in writing – I’m 41 3/4.  I have to say I don’t feel what I thought almost 42 would feel like.  I certainly don’t see myself as old, or middle aged for that matter.  I still buy clothes that I like rather than what I, or others, think I should be wearing.  I just have a few extra greys that need covering each month.

So am I wearing a skirt that is too short for my age?  What do you think?  I didn’t consider it too short till just now.  I bought it based on the Michael Kors skirt I’d seen and I love the color.  I think it is the only yellow item I have in my closet though – it’s definitely not normally a color I gravitate towards.

Michael Kors $695 version:



IMG_6228 IMG_6232 IMG_6211

Skirt – JCrew Factory // Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Shirt – JCrew Factory (similar here)

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