Detox week.

Okay maybe detox weekend.  A week really was pushing it wasn’t it?  Especially as I have the children at home with me till next Wednesday when school resumes.

So, I haven’t touched alcohol for 3 days now and I juiced on Saturday and Sunday.  Today I worked out like a mad woman, and I have eaten buckets of heirloom tomatoes with sweet Georgia peaches, basil and olive oil and balsamic.  Tomatoes and peaches?  Weird you say?  Delicious I say – try it with some crumbled feta on top too – DIVINE!

After the vacation weight gain thanks to copious carbs – bread and beer are to blame – I’m desperate to lose the extra pounds again.  I arrived home to a fabulous pile of boxes from the Zara sale and their new collection, and some of them feel a little snugger than I’d like right now!  Only to be expected no?  I’m hoping I won’t have to wear anything with a little give in it on the 10th – because it will be MY BIRTHDAY!  Yes I actually celebrate my birthday month – I LOVE birthdays and I’m really quite looking forward to turning 42 – especially as my Husband is VERY good at birthday nights out.

As you can see from the photo today my hair is HUGE and has grown so much over the holiday – I’m not complaining but please don’t judge – I’ll be getting it ‘styled’ this week!  The t-shirt is from the Zara sale – I think I could have got away with a smaller size but it was the last size in the stock clearance section at just $15 so I’m not returning.  It actually feels lovely and cool and floaty but looks a bit boxy on the photos – it hides the vacation muffin top well for now:)

July 29th

T-Shirt – Zara combination top (no longer online) // Shorts – JCrew Factory bermudas // Sandals – Zara

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5 thoughts on “Detox week.

  1. Sue

    Nice to have you back online. I’ve missed your posts.

    And how diligent are you at getting back on track? Running and juicing, oh if only I had an ounce of your will power.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Zara purchases.

  2. Ali

    Hope hou are refreshed and ready to take on autumn fashion, so sick of summer style! Looking forward to your picks.

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