A little bit of sparkle.

At the gym this morning, while I was dropping the children off at the play room, I realized that I must have missed the memo.  The memo regarding the new required summer outfit for the gym – white frilly tennis skirt, pink visor, perky blonde pony tail, and phony smile.  Oh and can you tell me where to find the perfect children with their page boy hair cuts and monogrammed smocks?  I think I must have become a little cynical while on vacation.  I felt like I was in the middle of The Stepford Wives, or surrounded by multiple versions of Patty Simcox.  I love Atlanta, but sometimes I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.

So what better to do than embrace my non-conformity and wear my shortest shorts and sparkliest sneakers:)  I do cringe a little every time I put on my Zara skort.  Nearly every ‘style’ blogger on the planet has a pair and all of them are 20 years younger than me.  But you know what – Patty down the road doesn’t know where they are from, or that all the street style bloggers are wearing them, so I’ll wear them with aplomb in Atlanta and not worry about it.  Though, for a split second, it did occur to me that it might be a sub-concious desire to conform – in white they do look a little like a tennis skirt.

Zara skort

Skort – Zara // Sneakers – Lame Supergas // Top – Boden Sparkle top (just $23.40!)

I adore the Boden sparkle top – it is perfect – light, and a great shape – an absolute bargain for $23.40 – I have the ivory too.  This is a US 8 – I think a US 6 would have been fine too but I like my knitwear a little looser.

For the sake of full disclosure – here’s what I lived in over the weekend.  Sweatpants with no red lipstick in sight.

Sweats – Express (old) // Top – Gap



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10 thoughts on “A little bit of sparkle.

  1. fiona

    Lol at the missing memo! You look amazing in what you are wearing and I’m jealous of your gorgeous legs. So tanned.

    I hate ‘uniforms’ and would run for the hills if I felt I had to conform and wear one.


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh gosh the legs are better now they are less swollen from dehydration and heat! Back on the treadmill today – and I’mn sure the tan will fade soon – the weather is rubbish here!

      I love being odd:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Fiona! I’m sure everywhere has their own version! I like to be a bit different too – it gives everyone something to talk about:) x

  2. silverbrogues

    Love your skort, looks fab! And also appreciate the trackies look – that’s what my ootd would be this week;)

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    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh thank you Laura – I love them – just wish they weren’t so ubiquitous! I have the pinstripe one that I’m looking forward to wearing!


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