Rain, rain go away.

So Georgia has apparently had 25% more rain fall than usual this summer.  It’s always extremes here – extreme drought or extreme rain!  The peach crop is suffering with enormous swollen peaches that are having their sweetness diluted – who knew hey?  I am suffering with frustrated, cranky kids…roll on school.

I just took them out for lunch to get us all out of the house, and now we’re home they have immediately started screaming at each other, arguing over which movie to watch.  Telling them ‘in my day I was happy to have a movie to watch’ oddly doesn’t seem to have much impact.  I might have a goblet of red now they seem to have called a truce.

We’ve all had our back to school haircuts and I’m now sporting a true bob.  Gone are the sun bleached, dry ends – my hair now feels lovely and sleek with no grays in sight – thank you to the lovely Lauren at Plum Salon.  We made her earn her money yesterday with 3 haircuts and a color!

By the way I did ask him to smile, not grimace.


Mango and Zara


Jacket – Zara (not online but I have seen it appear in stock clearance) // Pants – Mango sale // T-shirt – Gap (no longer online but was in the sale here) // Sandals – Tory Burch Emmy (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

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3 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away.

  1. avenue57

    Looking super as always! Mine are annoying the hell out of each other and me today – something in the world air?! We still have 5 weeks left of the summer hols – AAARRRGGGHHH

  2. Sue

    Hugh looks very smart – I like how he doesn’t have one of those straight across fringes which I loathe (for me as well). That is a pained face isn’t it :o) Oh and the arguing is the same over here between Ben and George. I sent Ben to my sister’s for a stay cation – I couldn’t take it any more.

    And your hair is looking really good. You’re making this hair growing business look easy. Love the Mango trews – I did spot them in the sale previously but just had this feeling that they were going to be too long.


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