Just for fun.

Last night it occurred to me, as I was surfing some blogs and Instagram, that there are a lot of folks out there running, working out, doing crossfit etc. in preparation for the summer.  I find it incredibly motivating seeing what others are up to in their work out regime and I love chatting with people about what works best for them.  So I have a new challenge for you – just for fun:)

Every day I work out I will upload a post work-out photo on Instagram (poppysstyle) and tag it with #PSFitClub.  Follow me here and leave a comment including the #PSFitClub.  I’ll follow you back, and all you need to do is upload your post work-out photo tagged with #PSFitClub – easy hey?  We can have our own virtual, global training group.  Great motivation!  I want to see rosy cheeks, sweaty brows and dirty sneakers/trainers.  Tell us what your goals are, what you have done, how you feel, and what your reward will be.  In 6 months time we can compare photos from now and then!  Have fun with it.  To start us off here I am after my hot, humid, sauna like run here this morning.  After today – for those of you that have zero interest in working out – I’ll just be posting #PSFitClub photos on Instagram🙂



And now the reason behind #PSFitClub – so I can continue to drink wine, eat chocolate and wear fabulous clothes!  Here’s what I’ve worn so far this week.

seeing spots

Trousers – J.Crew factory (old) // Shirt – J.Crew popover // Shoes – Nine West

lady in red

Dress – Asos // Boots – Rag & Bone canvas Newburys // Sunglasses – Chanel

Zara sandals IMG_6677


Sandals – Zara // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Zara // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco


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13 thoughts on “Just for fun.

  1. Sue

    I absolutely LOVE the last outfit on you. Relaxed, chilled and just so at ease. And as for the running – errr – I’ll leave that for you. Run a bit extra for me won’t you – I have a couple of pounds to shift (od’d on the carbs recently due to the Grumps going mad doing the online shopping). I’m going to do it by osmosis and mentally visualise you running off the pounds for me.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I do love my jeans and a tee – but dresses are so easy to wear here in the summer. Everyone needs carbs – I still need to eat chips and fries – could never give them up xx

  2. avenue57

    WOW – you look STUNNING in all of the shots – yes even the running one! I love your trainers, how funky are they?
    The red/coral dress is so super sexy and the black Zara top and jeans looks amazing

    Going back for another look – I’m inspired!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Eve – thanks for stopping by! Aren’t the colors great – I can’t tell you how much I am obsessed with my new Rocco – I love it and it is the perfect weight – it feels substantial!:)

  3. Rebecca

    I’m in love with the red dress! They are lovely. I have a pair of red shoes that will pair the red dress. They are so nice really want to have one!

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