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A wedding, in the square, in the village, in N. Cyprus.

As I was showering, getting ready for our evening promenade into the village, my Husband seemed unusually restless and impatient.  I was taking my time, washing the grit and grime away from our hike up to Buffavento Castle earlier in the day.  Little did I know we had a function to ‘attend’.  Yes he had scoped out the village square earlier in the day, and he was well aware of the function about to take place that night.  He was keen for me, and Poppy and Hugh, to catch a glimpse of local life, and I was ushered out of the door under the pretense that he was tired and wanted to get home soon.

We meandered up the road to the village square to get the children their ice creams, with the plan to sit in the municipal play area and watch them use their last reserves of energy on the swings.

When we got to the square there was a fervor of activity.  A wedding was about to begin – it was just how it is in the movies!!  I couldn’t believe our luck!  I waited in two minds while the kids ate their ice creams – was I invading someones personal moment if I tried to steal a glimpse of the bride?  Or was it really just like the movies where every man, woman and child is welcome to attend?

Suddenly the decision was made for me – the noise of car horns blasting up the road got louder and louder, and as the cacophony turned towards us we were cornered by the screeching wheels of 20 or so cars pulling up.  Ever tried hand brake turns around a small village square?  It looked like some of these dudes did it every week in their pimped up 1988 3 series.

So we stayed – and many of you will be relieved to hear that we didn’t actually get too close – mainly as I didn’t have enough Turkish Lira to pin to the groom and his new bride – it was definitely a ‘pay to enter’ wedding.

I only took out my point and shoot camera regrettably – but some photos came out okay in the dark.

IMG_7079 IMG_7087 IMG_7081

I managed to surreptitiously grab some snaps of the local barber – a busy man at 8pm – I keep trying to persuade Hugh to get his locks chopped there but he’s not having any of it.

IMG_7100 IMG_7096

Watching and waiting…


On arrival the Bride wandered around in a circle several times – I later learned that it is traditional to walk around 3 times with the bridal party before the wedding:



The wedding stage was decorated and covered in floral arrangements, and the guests lined up with their gifts of money ready to congratulate the bride and groom .

IMG_7121 IMG_7116

The first dance – I couldn’t help but wonder who this lovely couple were, and what life will be like for them here over the course of their marriage.

IMG_7140 IMG_7136 IMG_7127

The whole village had turned up with gifts – it was going to be a while before the party started.  I think I may have just left a bowl out for gifts and cut right to the dancing if it was my wedding.

IMG_7149 IMG_7147 IMG_7144

So we left them in peace and wandered home listening to the music increase in tempo – my feet were itching to do a u-turn but I didn’t want to cross that line of hospitality so stayed put at the house enjoying a late night beer with my groom.

My wedding outfit consisted of Gap shorts (not online – size down though they are BIG – these are a US 4!), Gap t-shirt (just $5.99 right now – make sure you size down though) and Zara sandals (in the sale) – I wished I’d been told so I could have worn a frock:)

IMG_7071 IMG_7076

And my outfit for our walk up to Buffavento – I swear they could see me in Turkey in this.  Buffavento has never seen anything quite like it:)  The t-shirt is Zara (old) and the shorts are J.Crew chino shorts in neon peach, worn with my NewtonsDSC_0302

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Just for fun.

Last night it occurred to me, as I was surfing some blogs and Instagram, that there are a lot of folks out there running, working out, doing crossfit etc. in preparation for the summer.  I find it incredibly motivating seeing what others are up to in their work out regime and I love chatting with people about what works best for them.  So I have a new challenge for you – just for fun:)

Every day I work out I will upload a post work-out photo on Instagram (poppysstyle) and tag it with #PSFitClub.  Follow me here and leave a comment including the #PSFitClub.  I’ll follow you back, and all you need to do is upload your post work-out photo tagged with #PSFitClub – easy hey?  We can have our own virtual, global training group.  Great motivation!  I want to see rosy cheeks, sweaty brows and dirty sneakers/trainers.  Tell us what your goals are, what you have done, how you feel, and what your reward will be.  In 6 months time we can compare photos from now and then!  Have fun with it.  To start us off here I am after my hot, humid, sauna like run here this morning.  After today – for those of you that have zero interest in working out – I’ll just be posting #PSFitClub photos on Instagram🙂



And now the reason behind #PSFitClub – so I can continue to drink wine, eat chocolate and wear fabulous clothes!  Here’s what I’ve worn so far this week.

seeing spots

Trousers – J.Crew factory (old) // Shirt – J.Crew popover // Shoes – Nine West

lady in red

Dress – Asos // Boots – Rag & Bone canvas Newburys // Sunglasses – Chanel

Zara sandals IMG_6677


Sandals – Zara // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Zara // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco


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Day of rest.

After 4 days of manic workouts to try and shift the Tybee indulgences I opted for a day of rest.  It has been welcomed by my body though my mind is restless – I think I’m just plain tired.  I’m glad I did rest as it was freezing cold at the bus stop this morning then sweltering as I arrived home this afternoon – neither option tempted me out for a run.  Plus I got to rest my foot which is still bugging me after rolling it playing tennis 3 weeks ago.  I can’t have broken anything as I’ve run on it, but it’s stiff and bruised on the top near the ankle making me aware of every step.  Frustrating to say the least with less than 2 weeks to go to the Lake Lanier Zooma half.  Anyway I’ve been following RunningInMommyland‘s advice and writing the alphabet with my big toe which seems to be loosening the tightness – and of course the ice pack helps.  All due to prancing around on a tennis court for the first time in 12 years!  On the bright side I have a back pocket excuse in case I choke on the 22nd:)

I did get out for a quick 4 miles in yesterday which was fun in my new Newtons!  All around I’ve seen more and more people opting for them and raving about them…so I caved and bought some to make me run fast.  I’m glad I visited the running store as I discovered I’d been wearing shoes at least 1/2 size too small – hence the nasty blisters in the Georgia half – which I’d attributed to poor fitting socks.  That news gave me all the justification I needed to buy these beauties and on my first outing in them I’m optimistic – they felt great even with the stiff foot.

Newton Gravity

No one in this house wanted to get up this morning – first Monday back after a fabulous spring break was a tough one.  Thankfully I’d chosen my wardrobe quickly last night before jumping in bed.  It always saves me at least 10 minutes, which are crucial at 6am when I have an almost 6 year old deliberating over her attire each day.

So today I opted for my old faithful French Connection polka dot tee, my favorite AllSaints Cerulean cardigan (I SO want the grey in this too!), Hudson Collin jeans and Sam Edelman Alvin shoes in black – perhaps the most comfortable shoes I own.

Day of rest.


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