He’s home!!

I was a little disappointed, to say the least, that I didn’t get to attend Karin and Simon’s wedding this weekend.  After returning from Cyprus, and with the kids starting school, we decided that it was just too much to try and get me to Stockholm with my Husband.  So off he went on his own at the start of the weekend, on a record 3 day jaunt to Stockholm and back, so he could support Simon as his best man.  It’s great that we both get time to ourselves for travel but I was SO happy to see him walk through the door yesterday, tired and jet lagged again, but home.

I have so much respect for single parents – parenting alone is EXHAUSTING!  We passed the time well though with the trip to the zoo, lunches out, and then yesterday our lovely neighbors came round to hang out.  I realized that it is probably 6 weeks since I have had any company other than my immediate family – I cannot tell you how brilliant it was to talk to someone else:)  I think the kids appreciated it too.  Hugh will be starting school with their son this week – in all there will be 3 new kindergartners as the bus stop – exciting times ahead for us all!

Today we find out who our teachers will be this year, it’s also the day that I start to regret how little ‘school work’ we’ve done over the summer…reading and math were replaced by travel and adventure – I know what I’d have preferred at 7!

Saturday outfit for a BBQ lunch – J.Crew shorts, Zara top (old) and Sam Edelman Gigis.

Gap shorts and Zara top

Today’s outfit for a trip to school – Zara top (old) // Cropped black jeans – Express (old) // Vince Nina flats (back in stock in all sizes!)

Zara and Vince Ninas


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2 thoughts on “He’s home!!

  1. Sue

    Oh gosh – I can’t imagine how difficult single parenting is like. I have a few friends who are single mums and there’s just no respite. No one to hand the baton over to when it all gets too much.

    Can I just say – you’re looking radiant in the last set of pics.

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