April Fools’ Day.

Have you been fooled yet today?  I’ve seen two corkers – one from a friend on Facebook who announced she was pregnant with twins, and this fabulous one from Boden – the men’s Marylebone Skirt anyone?:)

Boden Man Skirt


The sun is out here, but unfortunately no Easter Monday Holiday here in the US – off to work for me!

IMG_5184 IMG_5179 IMG_5180

Jacket – Zara // Linen t-shirt – Zara (old but similar here) // Jeans – Gap Boyfriend (old) // Sneakers – Isabel Marant Bobby // Bag – Alexander Wang Diego (similar here)


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13 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day.

  1. schoolgatestyle

    I’m so dim – didn’t realise the Boden one was an April Fools – duh!! I barely looked at the pic and didn’t clock the skirt either. All lost on me – haha. Loving the jacket today – really lovely colour on you. Hope you have a good day in work today…it’s another holiday again tomorrow in Northern Ireland – sorry 😦 xx

  2. The Flaky Fashionista

    Avril, why do you have another holiday again tomorrow?? Joanna, love that Boden April Fools .. clever! Aren’t you lucky that you can dress up or down for work ?? I’d love that .. you must be awfully well in with the boss!!!!!!!

  3. evi

    at first I was was like: this must be a fake boden spam mail – no,it’s their correct address,they must have gone crazy… lol
    can you believe they even took professional photos of the skirt? so funny!

    your outfit looks fab! I always love light blue jeans in combination with white and mint green.

  4. Sue

    I saw the email title and didn’t even open it – I’m afraid that one passed me over this time. The jacket looks great and the whole colour scheme is soft and springlike. Nice accessories! They are not lost on me!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you:) Though I am going through a stage of craving long hair again – not sure I can go through the pain of growing it!

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