Bracing myself…

…for the comments!  The dungarees have entertained several already today.  As I walked into the office MM thought it was hilarious when he showed me where the plumbing was under the sink – in fact he’s just walked out telling me the ‘chickens need feeding’…oh my sides are splitting – what a funny guy.

After Fiona ‘outed’ me a week or so ago I knew I couldn’t wait much longer before giving them their first public appearance.  To clarify – I LOVE them.  I know they’ve been featured on several blogs, and they have been the subject of many fashion articles recently, but I will say I was wearing them way back in 1998 – that’s how ahead of the trend I am:)  I wore a short pair all through my honeymoon in Cyprus – dead sexy!  Aside from being totally on trend right now, I find them super comfortable – jeans with no waistband – perfect!

Will you or won’t you dungaree this summer?

IMG_5468 IMG_5458 IMG_5456 IMG_5448 IMG_5447


…And for those doubters out there I discovered they are great for keeping hands warm…



And just for Fiona and MM, here I am ready for tractor racing – remind me not to stand like this at the bar – or anywhere in public for that matter:



Dungarees – Asos (similar here) // T-shirt – Gap // Shoes – BCBGeneration


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12 thoughts on “Bracing myself…

  1. avenue57 (@avenue57)

    Good on you for posting – absolutely hats off to you for sticking by what you love even though some around you don’t like – I love the strength you have.

    Am I allowed to say they are growing on me? It’s not that I dislike them as much as I did .. perhaps when you see a trend more and more it does grow on you?

  2. deadlysims

    You ROCK them!!! I have 3 pairs now – a short denim pair, long denim pair and a black pair! I adore mine, and don’t care what others think! I LOVE the courts with them – sadly I can’t wear court shoes, so I tend to wear Ash wedges, brogues or ballet flats with mine!

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    I’m with Fiona … hats off to you for posting. I was beginning to think you’d chicken out. Nope, still definitely not for me .. but will be interested to hear what others think! And please stop posting outdoor sunny shots – get back indoors please and stop torturing the rest of us who get occasional glimpes of watery sun and think it’s Spring!

  4. Martha Merrill Wills

    You are positively adorable! My favorite is the hand warmer photo. Last time I wore dungarees, that’s how I walked around. Probably the reason I don’t wear them anymore! 🙂

  5. Sue

    Joanna, you could wear anything like this and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Wear a twinset and I might though. Men – they’re hilarious aren’t they?

    I actually don’t mind them on you. I was just curious to find out how you were going to team them though – like the touch with the white stilettos.

  6. J in TO

    I remember the trend in the 90s. I liked them, but I’m not sure they looked all that great on me. I don’t think I could wear them now, but they look super cute on you paired with the white heels, which gives them an updated freshness.

  7. School Gate Style

    Major kudos to you my girl. You are never going to become a frumpy 40 year old. I love how you try all the trends out and help the rest of us see how good it can look on a busy, real-life mum. You know I am not a fan of dungarees but seriously, these are as good as I’ve seen on anyone recently. Would love (like Kat) to see with a more formal jacket over – I think it might make the look more workable for me? Anyway…I mocked the wedge trainers, the midi dress…watch this space! Ax

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