So we are all back at school now and I am left wandering around the house wondering if I will ever get it straight and tidy again.  I’m definitely not Type A when it comes to house work – something has got to give, and with parenting, working and blogging it’s the house that falls down the priority list.  It never gets that bad – I manage to stay on top of it and I would never consider a cleaner – there are other things I’d rather spend my money on:)  It’s the clutter that drives me mad though.  Barbies, legos and cars in particular…grrr…

As I was criticizing my kids for their clutter I began to realize we have plenty of our own!  We’ve just converted a room in the basement into an extra ‘play room’ for Poppy and Hugh.  It was a room that went unused previously – in other words it became storage for all our books, cds and dvds.  As I was down there today, picking up the trail of popcorn, left by the popcorn fairies apparently,  I had an epiphany!  Sell all the dvds and cds and make some extra pennies!  Why on earth we still have these archaic stacks and racks of cds and dvds I’ve no idea.  In many instances I’ve done what I did upon the extinction of vinyl – I have imported or re-bought music on iTunes.  As for movies I never buy dvds these days – I download and stream them all so I can watch them on my iPad when traveling. Anyway that’s how I am going to spend my weekend de-cluttering, and dusting off and selling all my shiny little discs on musicMagpie.  Just don’t tell the children – they’ll only want to spend my earnings on Barbies, legos and cars!

Today I’m back in the office for the first time in 6/7 weeks – it seems a little odd, but I quite like it.  It’s nice to be able to talk to grown ups, and feel like I’m getting dressed for something other than running errands.  It was raining this morning, in fact throwing it down, hence the slightly fuzzy closet photos today:)

Owl tee

Bermuda shorts – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Shoes – Marks and Spencer (out of stock but may be in store)

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8 thoughts on “De-cluttering

  1. avenue57

    Oh get you in those fantastic shorts! I love them.
    Your hair is looking so good right now – I am very jealous of everyone with good hair


  2. Sue

    I’m trying to declutter but it seems I am merely moving stuff from room to room. I even missed the charity bag collection I am so disorganised and now I have bags of clothes awaiting the next charity collection. And as fast as I’m clearing out toys, George is dragging them out. I’m losing this battle.

    Liking the shoe boots. Nicer than the winkle pickers.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Joanna Great post as usual. How do you manage to fit all the housework in ?- I really struggle and unlike you would love to have a cleaner! Oh and I hate cleaning which makes it doubly onerous – I’m happy to tidy up, hoover and iron…. if anyone wants to come and do my cleaning I can do a swap…

  4. Anonymous

    I should have said Happy Birthday too – it’s my birthday as well but I’ve got a few more years sadly. Have a fabulous day!

  5. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges

    This really made me giggle as its lego & cars & now Barbies that are scattered all over this house! Even worse our shipping hasn’t arrived yet & by next week there will be even more lego, cars & Barbies here! :O Love this outfit on you! I want those shoes! Ax

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      These shoes are great – I have the snakeskin too – so comfy so can be worn all day – but they have a little glamour too:)

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